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VagabondStarJXF 06-22-2011 12:32 PM

VagabondStarJXF's WTB Thread (2011 Edition)
I've been out of the game for a few years (in part due to certain health & fitness issues) and I've decided I'm going to slowly work my way back into it, starting with finishing a few projects I'd left in pieces back in 2006, so that I'm good to go later on this year or early next year. This being the case I'm looking for the following stuff:

Raven Primal marker - Must be in fairly good condition as I don't want to be repairing gouges out of the bodywork. It doesn't need to be boxed or anything but I would prefer it working properly. Bought from reb21o via PBN. Many Thanks.
Raven Nexion body and trigger frame.
Spyder Rodeo body and beavertail. Bought a complete & boxed one via eBay.
Intimidator 14pt wire harness.
Raven Primal VerC T-Board with eyes.
WGP Nightkast body (threaded feedneck version). Bought from tickytacky via PBN. Many Thanks.
Autococker MQ2 valve kit.
Dragun "The One" bolt alignment pin.
Zenitram LPR to Spyder FRM adapter.
15* Cocker ASA (2k onwards) + ASA screw. Two bought from hmcl281 via SOC/PBN. Many Thanks.
Ashcroft 300psi Gauges. Seven bought from hmcl281 via SOC/PBN. Many Thanks.
Ashcroft 160psi Gauges.
Evil Micro Gauges.
Raven Primal poppet & cupseal.
Raven Primal stock regulator, drop & bottomline.
Autococker ASA tool.

I'm sure I'll add on more to my list at a later date because I know I'll find that I'm missing a part somewhere or I've broken something along the way...

Payment will be via Paypal only, I'm in no major rush for everything and I'm not a multi-billionaire by any means so please offer up with as cheap a price as possible.

Thanks in advance.

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