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ballzman 06-06-2011 08:57 AM

2001 or 2003 Xtra?
Hello all,

I am new to paintballing and new to this forum, and I need your help. I have a stock 2001 or 03 xtra, one of the first models, and Iím looking to severely upgrade it. I have read tons upon tons of forums about etriggers and barrels and hoper and what not. But I need a final opinion and what better place to look than here. so help me out below Iím making a list of the upgrades I want to make, feel free to copy and paste it into your reply and just write across from it. Thanks a lot for your help.

Electronic upgrade:
And any other ideas you might have:


TheDarkShadow 06-06-2011 09:26 AM

Re: 2001 or 2003 Xtra?

Originally Posted by ballzman (Post 258276)
Bolt: new bolts arent that necessary
Barrel: CP one piece .685
Hopper: used Reloader B
Electronic upgrade: the CAMD eframes are nicer than the old LED ones. either way if you get one of those and not the new style you may need a new rechargeable battery.
Trigger: it's personal preference but any with a bearing will be good
And any other ideas you might have: a newer body so you can put a clamping feedneck on it. you can find used ones pretty cheap. oh and uprgade to HPA. Also, a spring kit, high flow valve, regulator

I'd go barrel, loader, HPA, body w/feedneck, eframe, then whatever

ballzman 06-06-2011 02:46 PM

Re: 2001 or 2003 Xtra?
where would i find a body. and which one? are they all fairly similar?

TheDarkShadow 06-06-2011 05:00 PM

Re: 2001 or 2003 Xtra?
as long as you can still cock the bolt you should be able to use it. all are pretty much the same other than how the bolts cock (to the side, to the top, out the back, etc) you would pretty much have to buy them used. with all this money in it though you might as well save up for a used nicer marker

TheDarkShadow 06-07-2011 07:15 PM

Re: 2001 or 2003 Xtra?
Oh.. bodys that are not compatible are MR2/3, VS series, the RS series, and the new pilot/electras

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