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New.Shooter 05-21-2011 09:28 PM

Chopping, y does it happen and how can i prevent it? my SP ION was working good and one day it was chopping like hell..i was thinking maybe its my barrel i bought (all Freak, blue insert), but for a $100 barrel, it shouldnt chop or at least not every shot. What are the other causes of this problem..****ty balls?, after i cleaned out all the crap and put everything together i not only get a few balls that chop but now they are going all over the place, maybe one or 2 will hit straight on..any clues in what i should do?? and maybe y does it happen?

anything is greatly appreciated.

bigred76 05-22-2011 01:21 AM

Did you clean and ensure the eyes of your marker are on? Perhaps it is the barrel, did you check your paint to bore fit before playing?

vikingshadow 05-22-2011 05:50 AM

Re: question!!!!!
For the balls all over the place, check your FPS. Could be shooting hot. Of course, if you have paint in your barrel, that's going to make them go everywhere also.

Is the paint just in the barrel? Or is it on the bolt? If it's just in the barrel and hardly any on the bolt, those are barrel breaks and not chops. If its all over the bolt then that's a chop.

Need some information though - what loader do you use (is it that Evolution you have in your sig?), and what setting is it on? How fast are you shooting? Are your eyes on? What paint are you using and was it new and fresh?

New.Shooter 05-24-2011 09:48 PM

Re: question!!!!!
@vikingshadow- Dont think im shooting hot cause u have to crono before u play..and i was shooting between 265-270 max 280. as for the barrel, i did notice that it was bursting towards the end and some inside, and i was using a mixture of old and new paint..yes i have the evolution loader (egg), not sure what speed it is at but maybe ill turn it down some. yes eyes are on, not shooting fast.. would say i shoot semi auto, like to make my shots count.

@bigred76- yea pretty much had to clean after every game and during the game.. as for bore size, i was told it was the standard bore size. i did the ball test and the ball came out fine when i blew on the other end, didnt get stuck.

the paint that they sell at the field are Marballizer Paintballs, they are tournament grade and they seem good. i'm from IL so i play at CPX if ur familiar with that field.

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