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1st Strike Scenarios 05-09-2011 02:27 PM

Mad Max: Downfall of the Main Force Patrol
May 21, 2011
Mad Max

The superpowers of the world are at war. Fears of an impending nuclear apocalypse are on everyone’s lips. Critical shortages of gasoline, food and clean water have become an everyday occurrence, forcing once law abiding citizens to band together and take drastic action in order to stay alive. Sporting goods stores, now long out of business, have all been looted of their weapons. Some are used for personal protection. Most are used for personal acquisition. All pose a threat to those whom would keep the law.

The last standing Australian law enforcement organization, the Main Force Patrol, does what it can to keep order, but they now face an uphill struggle against the ever growing anarchist threat. Anarchy, however, as a system of rule is impossible by its own definition…

The events in this game will focus on the timeframe between the first two Mad Max movies. $1,200.00 in prizes will be up for grabs. Players will be able to directly influence their odds of taking home some goodies during the second half of the event. It all depends on how far they’re willing to go and who they’re willing to step on to get there…

Preregister at www.battlefrontpaintball.com/calendar

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