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p_aint_r 03-26-2011 03:34 AM

How do I know what TADAO board is in my marker?
Is there a way to determine what Tadao board is in my marker? Inscriptions, model # or something. I purchased a used VS1 and printed the PDF manual off Spyder's Web site, but it talks about having 2 LEDs on the board, my board only has 1. The E trigger is functional and the eyes work. I can turn eyes on and off but appear to only have a semi automatic mode. I have tried turning on the unit and holding the mode button too, the LED cycles thru green,red & yellow colors but no blues or purples? Ultimantely I'm just try to find 3-burst if it exsist. This is my 1st electronic marker & 1st spyder.. so far its just been frustrating .
Any input is appreciated

DRAGON 03-26-2011 06:15 AM

Re: How do I know what TADAO board is in my marker?
What color is the board? If it's semi only, it's prolly just missing the tourney switch jumper. It may be some other board besides the Tadao board -

Post a pic here and I'll tell you -

I see you're from the Tampa Bay area. Welcome to the forums -

p_aint_r 03-26-2011 04:16 PM

Re: How do I know what TADAO board is in my marker?
No it's definitely a Tadao board. The circuit board is red and the backside says Tadao. The "rods" for the push buttons are black not red like I ve seen on similar boards. The jumper is in place. It looks just like this one. ... http://www.ansgear.com/Tadao_Spyder_...dervsboard.htm

Here's how it operates:
From OFF:
_If you hold the MODE button and press ON the LED flashes-Red, green, yellow, red ,yellow, solid red

From OFF:
-Push on= rapid green flashes, then solid red
-LED is solid Red, pushing the MODE button does nothing.
-LED is solid Red, pushing POWER button turns LED solid Green.
-LED is solid green ,pulling trigger activates solenoid, and LED flashes yellowish.
- cocking the marker causes the LED to flash green, pulling trigger again there is no action of the solenoid.
-LED is flashing green, sticking finger between eyes causes LED to go solid green.
_LED is flashing green, press/hold MODE, LED flashes red
-LED flashing red, trigger is active when pushed.

DRAGON 03-26-2011 05:42 PM

Re: How do I know what TADAO board is in my marker?
If it's exactly what's shown on the link you left, that is the VS version Tadao upgrade. There is another for the Pilot and Electra but the jumper is on the underside of the board -

Apparently you're missing the first step. You must turn the tourney lock off before you can program any of the modes or debounce. You must do this when the power button is OFF, not on. Mode lock button is just to the right of the microprocessor chip. Once it's green it is off. After then is when you you hold the MODE button and press ON. Then you can program it and the LED will be purple when doing so -

Really don't have the time to type you out a tutorial. Everything is in the manual. You do have one correct? Just think you need to read and consume the instructions better. Good luck -

p_aint_r 03-26-2011 07:24 PM

Re: How do I know what TADAO board is in my marker?
Ok, got it Im able to adj Firing Modes now. Thank you. I saw the button and had messed w/ it but didnt realize what it did & how it worked. Ive got it set to 3-burst now (trigger wise) just need to figure out why the trigger does 3-burst uncocked , but once cocked fires only once(even though it is recocking). Thanks again.

My son is already worried his little sister is going to lite him up. Should ve been nice to her earlier. lol

DRAGON 03-26-2011 08:02 PM

Re: How do I know what TADAO board is in my marker?
Just 1 shot thing is prolly the battery needs to be charged. If it doesn't have the Spyder rechargeable(just a regular alkaline) you need the rechargeable or it'll never work right. if you overcharge the rechargeable, you'll need to buy another as well.

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