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paintballkid0206 03-25-2011 07:48 PM

Remember Me?
Hey everyone,
I haven't been on in ages! I've been so busy, everything paintball has gone to the farthest recesses of my mind. It's sad, really, because I love(d) it so much...
Anyway, I was talking to a friend today and we got on the topic of paintball, which inspired me to do down to "my corner" of the workbench in the basement and check up on my gear. I realize how STUPID I was after I played last... I didn't clean anything. So I was hoping to play a couple times this summer, but I guess not... all my paintball money (the few dollars not being set aside for college or used on gas...) will go towards new gear... So far, I've found:

My Revvy is all sticky, goopy, and the channels for a few of the screws are chipping badly. Might just get a new one (or a better hopper).

My Profilers are very dirty with splatter. That should be cleanable, but I need a new lens. I've had them for ~3 years, and it's very s platter-covered anyway.

The battery for my Pilot is basically shot. Need a new one of those.

Backup goggles (JT Invaders) have the same problems as the Profilers. I might just clean then up, get a new lens, and sell for cheap.

I have no idea of the conditions of my markers; I haven't gotten there yet... but I'm scared to check. I don't think I'm going to do them tonight. I'm really wishing I wasn't so stupid. I dunno how much this'll cost me, or how much damage it's done to my markers... Anyway, how are things here? At first glance, it seems slow still. Seems the economy still hasn't allowed new players. I hope to be on here more often, as I really want to get back into the paintball community. I have no idea what brands are hot anymore, and which ones are out of business (last paintball business news I heard was that SP filed ch.11).

And I'm starting to regret my username: paintballkid0206...


TheDarkShadow 03-25-2011 08:18 PM

Re: Remember Me?
hey man, yeah things around here have been slow lately. I wouldnt worry about your markers too much. my brother literally never cleaned his victor before i started playing with him. spyders are pretty forgiving.

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