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Motoxj51 02-05-2011 07:27 PM

Spyder mr4 help plz!!!!!
i need some help. im getting tired of using the asa hose and want to put my remote directly to the gun without being an air thru stock. i want a screw 1/8 thick that fits the hole in the gun. just straight down from the hole where the hose screws in.

idk if these will work

will some1 plz help

wiz555 02-08-2011 07:34 AM

Re: Spyder mr4 help plz!!!!!
if you wanna use a quick disconnect for any spyder marker make sure its a metric thread on the adapter, or you'll cross thread everything. Go to your local shop for something that simple, local store owners are always helpfull when it come to finding exactly what you need, especially for the small simple stuff.

I dont think those two are metric fitting thou, i think they are primarily for rap4 markers and tipp's.

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