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HarlyHunk 01-03-2011 06:57 PM

The CEF wants YOU for 2011
OK D-Day 2011, June 6 to June 12

“The service to one’s country is something that is profoundly important and the oath of allegiance is not taken lightly. We, as a nation, are strong because we are free and this freedom serves as a powerful example to people all over the world. During these troubled times, we are constantly reminded of something that every generation knows; the hard truth that there is evil in the world. That sometimes there is a clear difference between right and wrong. The military is central to the continuation of that freedom and provides a means of force to ensure that freedom for the common wealth of its people. With that in mind, I have ordered the commissioning of an Expeditionary Force to assist our allies in ridding the world of this evil. May your hardships be few and your victories be swift.”
Edward VI, King of England

Are you a serious paintball player? Do you want to play with other serious players from eleven different countries, with an established command structure and ambitious D-Day assignments? Do you want to be part of the largest paintball scenario team in the world and have the time of your life? Then come join the Commonwealth!

For more information, visit our web site at www.ddaycommonwealth.com. You may also contact Sir Raymond directly at HarlyHunk@hotmail.com.

HarlyHunk 02-27-2011 02:04 PM

Re: The CEF wants YOU for 2011
Do you like to sling paint? Do you like the excitement of facing nearly overwhelming odds? Do you enjoy CQB (Close Quarters Battle)?

Then come join the CEF 3rd ID, as we rid the country of the Germans. The 3rd ID is looking for troops that aren’t afraid of a little paint in the face. With support from the 13th/18th Royal Hussar tanks and the Royal Air Force fighters, they’ll assault Sword Beach from their landing craft, then go on to liberate the city of Caen and support the British 6th AB in securing Pegasus Bridge. We have openings in the 41 Royal Marines Commando, Royal Winnipeg Rifles, East Yorkshire Regiment, Canadian Scottish Regiment, 13th/18th Light Dragoons (Mech Infantry-Dismounted) and the 13th/18th Royal Hussars (Armour).

We can help make this trip more affordable by offering convoy transportation (Shared Cost), our own dining facility (DFAC-Group Meals) and lodging in our steel shipping containers (Includes lights, electricity, AC and a bunk). We have our own parking lot and camp security and the bathhouse is just across the street.

Only 98 days until the event, so you need to get registered and avoid the increased registration fee. Check us out at www.ddaycommonwealth.com.


HarlyHunk 04-12-2011 09:02 PM

Re: The CEF wants YOU for 2011
Hello Troops,
Only 50 more days until the event and 45 days until the CEF begins to arrive. Have you signed up yet? The Commonwealth 3rd Infantry Division is looking for troops to take Sword Beach and then Caen. This will be one of the most intense battles on the morning of the big game.

Do you like to throw paint? Do you like to fight a desperate battle against incredible odds and win? Then the CEF is for you. Come and join our international team of scenario players from the United States, Canada, England, Scotland, Wales, Belgium, Holland, New Zealand and Australia.

We offer group meals, shelter in steel shipping containers with air conditioning, a pub and a chance to become a part of the largest international paintball scenario team in the world. We also offer team training with the other CEF and Allied units and a military style full auto shoot midweek. If you go to a large event in North America, Europe or Australia, chances are that you will find your CEF brothers and sisters there, as well. So, sign up today!

From the PX, there is only a few days left to get your orders in for CEF uniform items, Player Packs, t-shirts, ball caps, travel mugs, full auto shoot registration and Conex rental. Cutoff is May 1.

Please visit our web site and forum at www.ddaycommonwealth.com.


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