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Muddytaco 11-02-2010 08:43 PM

Empire XLT gearbag
Had this since june but i just now got around to taking pics when I had everything out of it.

I was a big fan of NXE Executive gearbag but I sold it when I quit for a few years. Coming back to paintball in January it took me awhile to build up a good amount of gear again since I only played pump for 4-5 months. Anyways back in June it was time to start looking for a new gearbag and my cousin who was working at a pb shop at the time hooked me up with this one for a nice price.

Before I continue here is a overview of pics and what all can fit in this beast:

Bag itself, empty:

Comes with several duffle bags, barrel case, gun case and then another gun you will see in a few pics down:

Starting off with one of the side pockets, this side has several separated compartments with mesh pockets:

I use it to hold all of the field tool kit:

Everything fits in a pocket with the allen wrenchs (most used by far) left in the center (allen wrench left out to show how well the tools fit in pockets):

Continuing around to the backside there is a large pocket with mesh along the sides:

I use this to hold my pods and cleats (6 locklids, 3 normal pods and 4 100 round pods...cleats not pictured):

All the pods in with room for cleats:

Next we have another side pocket but this time it has spots for ID cards, cell phone, pens, etc.:

I use this to hold my phone and such at the field along with random spare parts, batterys, etc. :

(no after pic since it is just tossed in there)

Muddytaco 11-02-2010 08:44 PM

Re: Empire XLT gearbag
Going around to the front there is another large pocket that is lined in a soft material for masks and other delicate iteams you don't want scratched:

I usually only keep my Grillz in here but I added a few more to show its size:

Moving on the main middle compartment there is a nice surprise on the top:

Its a detachable gun case (even big enough to hold the length of a T2 with pump handle on):

Held on with a zipper on one side and to buckles on the other:

Once you open the top you see just how massive this bag is:

Muddytaco 11-02-2010 08:45 PM

Re: Empire XLT gearbag
Minus the tools, pods and mask...EVERYTHING in this picture fits in the middle compartment:

First layer of 6 jerseys and tech mat:

Add 5 hoppers, 3 tanks, tool kit, 2 barrel kits:

Now add a SLS, DM10, elbow pads, dye pack and sandana:

Top it off with the T2 in the larger gun bag where it normally rests:

After seeing all that, all I have to say is.....This is THE gearbag to have.

I simply couldn't ask for anything more.

Fully loaded down the bag is very stable and will stand straight up without having to worry about it falling over. The bag rolls extremely smooth even over dirt and gravel. and the extending handle is extremely strong and rigid.

Empire hit a homerun with this one. I have had the bag since june and it has been far from babied yet it looks brand new. It even rode in the bed of truck for 800 miles between kansas and texas.

Item that definitely gets the Taco seal of approval.

Complete list of what is in my bag:
1. Planet Eclipse SLS
2. London Tigers DM10
3. CCM T2
4. CCM barrel kit
5. Deadlywind barrel kit in freak case
6. Ninja 68/45
7. Ninja 45/45
8. Crossfire 68/45
9. Empire Prophecy
10. Dye rotor
11. Spyder fasta
12. New style sportshot
13. Old style sportshot
14. V-force grillz
15. Dye pack
16. Planet eclipse elbow pads
17. Dye C6 pants
18. Six jerseys
19. Eclipse tech mat
20. Large tackle box full of spares
21. Dye sandana
22. Field tool set
23. 6 dye locklids
24. 3 normal pods
25. Four 100 round pods
26. Cleats
27. Gloves
28. Paper towels
29. Several micro fiber towels
30. Batterys
31. Alots of misc small items

xsvly-fat 11-02-2010 09:06 PM

Re: Empire XLT gearbag

oldironmudder 11-03-2010 05:38 AM

Re: Empire XLT gearbag
holy poop!!!

TheDarkShadow 11-03-2010 08:00 AM

Re: Empire XLT gearbag
damn son. that bag means business

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