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brashier7 07-04-2010 03:29 PM

.50 cal paintballs comparison
I tire of all the videos with drop tests comparing .68 cal to .50 cal balls. I wanted to know which .50 cal paintball performs the best in the field. So, I bought a case of all four brands on the market...Kingman Slate Supreme, Diablo Formula 13, GI Mil Sim 3 Star, and Nelson. I played speedball yesterday using 500 rounds of each type of paintballs. Do all the drop tests and other types of tests you want, but that means squat when the game begins. I shot all of these balls through my Spyder Advancer. It has a CP shorty regulator. It was chronod at 290 fps. I was using a Kingman .50 caliber Rapid E-Loader Hopper. You should know that I did not experience any chops from any type of paintball all day. I would rank them as follows...

1st place: Kingman Slate. It performed as well as any .68 cal paintball I have ever used. I experienced very few bounces and many breaks. They flew straight and true. The orange blaze color made them very easy to track while shooting in a long stream. Made a nice "half dollar" size mark.
2nd place: GI Mil Sim 3 Star. Staright shooting. Breaks well, but I did get a few more bounces than the Slate paint. Blue/Grey shell made it a little harder to track in long streams. Made a nice "half dollar" size mark.
3rd palce: Diablo Formula 13. I had a lot of bounces with this paint. It shot very straight, but left me wanting more with the larger number of bounces. Again...the orange shell made seeing it very easy while shooting. Marks were of quarter size and up.
4th place: Nelson. I did not like this paint at all. I only had one ball break on its mark out of 500 rounds. I was very surprised at the number of bounces experienced. It did not shoot as straight as the other three brands. The one mark I saw as smaller than a quarter.

Take it for what it's worth. We played on the same field with the same 10 guys all day. It was 85 degrees and sunny on the field that day. I got 1,300 shots from my 45 ci tank with a 3,000 psi fill. That's twice I have gotten those results. I chronod after every 500 rounds and I consistantly checked in between 288 and 295 fps. I have enjoyed how light the marker is, efficiency, and speed of the marker. Match that with good paint and I had another great day of .50 caliber paintball.

DRAGON 07-04-2010 09:43 PM

Re: .50 cal paintballs comparison
Nice review, thanks! If this forum wasn't so bare, I might be inclined to move this into the reviews forum since it's basically a review of different paints. I have tried the Spyder brand .43's and they worked pretty good as well -

And BTW......


Originally Posted by brashier7 (Post 252067)
.......... I shot all of these balls through my Spyder Aggressor...............

......did you perhaps mean advancer? -

TheDarkShadow 07-05-2010 07:03 AM

Re: .50 cal paintballs comparison
that was a pretty good review, too bad there arent more 50 cal players around

isaac g 123 12-31-2010 05:41 PM

Re: .50 cal paintballs comparison
Was getting the regulater worth it?

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