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hellfirecoco 08-23-2009 12:41 PM

Spyder MR3 Customizing
I've added:

A nice Trinity stock
A Spyder 16'' sniper barrel
Trinity Feedneck
MR Grip

Got some other ideas?
Btw, can you tell me what it will do to my marker?
I mean like... how will that improve my guns.

Please, i dont know much about paintball slang,
so please, dont use too much abreviations :D


interceptorMR2 08-29-2009 06:51 AM

Re: Spyder MR3 Customizing
Okay, I've gotttttttta put this out there :)

The BT Apex barrel system. Get yourself an UMS (Underground Mod Shop) Apex barrel adapter (or use some electrical tape) and slap the barrel tip on your spyder barrel. The tip of the barrel "system" can come off of it's original barrel and it has a sort of raised adapter on the barrel that allows it to stay on like that. All you really have to do is grab electrical tape and wind it around your barrel until it's raised enough that the apex can grab and stay on the barrel.

The Apex barrel works kind of like Tippmann Flat-line barrels, except it's way better. It puts a spin on the paintball when you shoot it, but you can twist the Apex barrel around the barrel so it can curve around corners/trees, do dive bombs, or shoot really freakin' far. I use it to snipe, and I love it. Also, it has a setting as of to how much spin you're going to put on it, so you can adjust to certain things when you are playing or you can just turn it off and shoot normally.

Here's a link to the company that makes it and their info on it.


I tried looking for youtube videos, but there aren't a ton of good ones that can really show anything, if you ever have the chance to if you are really unsure, look for someone, maybe a shop or a local player, that may let you test it if they even have it.

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