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1st Strike Scenarios 07-23-2009 05:07 AM

Band of Brothers' 09 Scenario, Sept. 19th
Just after midnight on June 6, 1944, the paratroopers of Easy Company dropped into the dark Normandy countryside as part of Operation Overlord, the massive Allied invasion of France. Disoriented from their first jump in combat and weighed down with unnecessary equipment, the men had difficulty finding one another and fighting as a unit. In the chaotic hours after the jump, most of the company remained unaccounted for and spread over a wide area. Pockets of German troops seemed to appear from behind every hedgerow and the rip of MG fire sent individual men diving for cover. Many GIs would never get the opportunity to fire a shot.
German Army Group B had been waiting for them. After weeks of rumors concerning an Allied invasion and months of defensive preparations, the battle-hardened troops, though briefly caught off guard, quickly came alive as endless numbers of C-47s slowly droned on overhead. Hitler's "Fortress Europe" was to be put to the test. Flak guns tore open the sky sending men and machine hurtling downward. Defensive positions were put on full alert and the men of Easy initially shrank from the floodlights illuminating the farthest reaches of the countryside. However, as the Allies became organized and their numbers grew, so did the number of problems facing the German soldiers.
On September 19th, Battlefront Paintball and 1st Strike Scenario Productions proudly present: Band of Brothers, a single day scenario game based around the popular HBO miniseries and book by Steven Ambrose. Join the men of Easy Company in their daunting fight to liberate Europe, or stand along side the courageous German soldiers, ordered to defend the fatherland to the last man.
Pre-Registration & Pricing for this event can be found on Battlefronts website : www.battlefrontpaintball.com
Pre-registration ends the week of the event, but don't wait till the last minute or you may end up on the wrong side of the fight!

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