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nastystankweed 10-21-2008 06:55 PM

DM9 review
-Feedneck: its a great clamping tooless feedneck
-barrel:2 piece .692 barrel great accuracy and porting
-Fuse bolt: smaller and improved also the slot behind the breach where the bolt slides into is HUGE making the gun operate at even lower pressures then its predecessor.
-ASA: Its very large and leaked for me so its not that great IMO.
-Trigger: Awesome trigger very easy to adjust, so smooth and very comfortable. Best stock trigger on any gun Ive ever tried.
-Hyper3:Super consistent chrono readings were 290,293,290,289,294,288,290,295,288. Also very comfortable in the hands the rubber sleeve is very nice and doesn't move around on the reg.
-LPR: Very small easy to adjust and maintain.
-Esthetics: The finising and milling on the gun is just absoloutley perfect no blemishes bumps or scratches.
-Self cleaning eye and detent system: Very innovative simply pull out the clear plastic sleeve of the breach no tools needed. The detents are a hard plastic that fits in the self cleaning eye clear plastic sleeve.
-Board: Its the only major weakness in my eyes. If they are going to charge that amount of money you should be able to change settings from outside the grips.

nice shooting
low operating pressure
good feedneck
improved fuse bolt
improved detents and self cleamimg eye system
Great reg
Great barrel
Great feel

bad efficiency 1000-1100 off of a cp 48ci 45k
have to reach through the feedneck to get the eyes(not a weekness in my eye but i could see how it bugs people)
Lame ASA

The gun is unbelievable it shoots great and is very consistent. Its very accurate and has all the bugs fixed that its predecessor suffered from. Its pretty easy to maintain for a spool valve in my opinion and comes with everything you need. The gun also feels very natural and comfortable to hold. The packaging is great comes with everything you need and comes with a great color manual. The gun also looks amazing it is milled to perfection and anodizing is spotless on it. The only problem for me is the bad consistency and the board.

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