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druid 08-19-2008 08:53 PM

Oklahoma DDay 2009
Site information: http://ddayadventurepark.com/

Registration info: http://www.thebunkerextreme.com/prod...?idCategory=42

Join me on the Allied side: CanScots

Me and the 12yr old daughter will be there fighting for the Allies as CanadianScots. I'll have my Pipes along as well :D. We are intending on being there the entire week.

Date: June 8-14

FAQ: http://www.ddayadventurepark.com/ind...yfaq&Itemid=19

Directions/Location info: http://www.ddayadventurepark.com/ind...maps&Itemid=20

DFSniper 08-20-2008 03:25 AM

Re: Oklahoma DDay 2009
i'll most likely be in the middle of transferring schools :(

druid 08-22-2008 12:34 AM

Re: Oklahoma DDay 2009
play hooky :D

SpyderMan723 08-22-2008 02:25 PM

Re: Oklahoma DDay 2009
I'll be in school till the 16th if no snow days... dad is kinda anal bout me missing school... but he said he might be interested..

interceptorMR2 08-24-2008 06:21 AM

Re: Oklahoma DDay 2009
If I do go, I would probably end up going to 2010. Sounds like a blast to me. I'd be enlisting for Axis though, probably either the Geisterjager Unit or I'll join the 21st panzer division :D

druid 09-17-2008 10:48 PM

Re: Oklahoma DDay 2009
Over on the 1st Exp forces (Allied) forum, there is a great need for marching band members for the Welsh Guard Band.

I was also talking about a Pipe and Drum Corps for the CanScot Regiment and Parade processional as well.

It seems it is very difficult for Sir Raymond to get the needed members and is asking for some help.

If you are capable, or know fellow ballers who are going that are, please refer them to these links and lend a hand!


Marching Band Members:

Bagpipe and drums: (Temporary convo spot)

ferret15 09-18-2008 12:17 AM

Re: Oklahoma DDay 2009
depending on the cash flow, maybe, a couple of my good friend went last year and i had to fix my car:( so maybe next summer.

druid 11-18-2008 10:19 PM

Re: Oklahoma DDay 2009
gas prices are looking good....the way I figured fuel consumption, it looks like I'll have twice what I need for fuel

druid 01-10-2009 12:15 AM

Re: Oklahoma DDay 2009
Vendor's locations current as of today. I color coded them for easy recognition.....


DFSniper 01-10-2009 04:19 AM

Re: Oklahoma DDay 2009
sweet, bob is right across the street from kingman!

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