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DyNasty9 12-28-2005 09:22 PM

New Xball bunkers
What do you guys think of the new Xball bunkers.
"2006 Xball Field
The 2006 XBall field is different from the previous version. If you play the PSP events next season, you should check the info below.
The PSP/XBall have modified the Division XBall and NXL fields.

The central X is a bit different.
no more tall temples but instead there're 4 new Medium X.
2 small Doritos replace 2 baby brick (small cubes).
And the most important, the Pillars (also called "trees") will be used on both Division and NXL field.
last but not least : those Pillars are different now : there're only 12 and they are 3.3ft wide and 5ft tall." -SupAir

Scroll down a little

Playing those mini back X's is going to be interesting.

geeZus 12-28-2005 09:39 PM

New fields some awesome. Hopefully I'll get to play one of the events late in the year. I really like the idea of the trees, hopefully they use them correctly. The changes to the X are good too, I never liked playing it because of the shape of the bottoms.

Recon by Fire 12-29-2005 12:58 AM

Instead of standing up the larger X's at center field, the should lay them down. Some large sphere shapes could be interesting also.

Sac 12-29-2005 02:02 AM

if i read that correctly those little x's are replacing the tall temples? if so boo, the temples are the best bunkers. i dont really like the X at all, i think its kinda ghey and the only reason they have them is cuz its X BALL OMGZOR. just drop the whole X thing nobody will care.

QAZ123 12-29-2005 04:52 AM

I don't like the way ther are replacing the temple's with the X. Seem's to odd of a shape to play.

I like the grey and black empire bunker's. There pretty! :p


vikingshadow 12-29-2005 05:39 AM

I have to agree with sac. I don't like the idea of losing the tall temples....maybe get ride of the large X, keep the temples and add the small X's.....

spyderpaintball 12-29-2005 01:43 PM

Re: New Xball bunkers
I like the big X but I dont think I will like the smaller ones. Personally i enjoyed last years bunkers.

claustrophobia9 12-29-2005 01:49 PM

Re: New Xball bunkers
the small ones appear to not have a lower cutout. i want to see them use a horse shoe somewhere.

spyderpaintball 12-29-2005 01:51 PM

Re: New Xball bunkers
Yes the small X does not have a bottom hole.

lewizz124 12-30-2005 11:09 AM

Re: New Xball bunkers
this is retarded noone cares about the whole X thing in Xball. those things are gonna be a pain in the ass to shoot ppl out of because you can shoot out of the little indent on the sides of the X. although i do like the way they changed the big X, and ditching the cubes for doritos is a good thing i think.

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