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battlechaser 06-23-2008 02:24 PM

Critcal Paintball
I just wanted to drop a line or two about my recent deallings with Critcal. It seems I was a bit of an idiot when disassembling my ASA, I tore a jewel logo, and lost a washer. So, after the hour or so of searching my apartment for the incredibly tiny washer, I sent a message to Jon-Paul over at Critcal.

For one, he responded lightning fast, I messaged at like 8 o'clock or so and had a response in under an hour. And for two, not only was I sent the washer I needed, he also sent some stickers and the jewel attached to a new magnet for the ASA, not to mention, he also had the foresight to send me a spare washer(knowing my luck with small parts, I'll need that... :p).

To top it off, all of this was supplied quickly (which is amazing here in the Great White North), and FREE OF CHARGE. So there's at least one hat off to Critical for their amazing customer service. I'm looking forward to adding a couple more of their parts to my arsenal. :D

The Pumper 06-23-2008 07:18 PM

Re: Critcal Paintball

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