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bamf-hacker 11-27-2007 05:02 AM

Review of Daddy's Customs Anno.....
Well let me start off by saying this is my first anodized marker and I am excited to get more work done.

I contacted Blake, of Daddy's Customs Anno on IonOwners. He promptly responded and the discussion of my anno project begun.

We talked through the specifics and the parts that needed to be anno'd. He was knowledgeable on the Phantom which was what I was getting anno'd. He knew exactly what needed to be removed before anno and was willing to remove the parts for me.

Once I finally got all the parts together I took a picture and began to remove all the internals. I had a issue taking the pins out of the frame and Blake said he would remove them for me. He also removed the two inserts from the body and valve. They are both SS and can not be dipped in the stripper or they would get ruined.

I boxed up the marker and shipped it out to Daddy's Customs in Oregon. It was received 2 days later on a Friday. I was notified he had everything and confirmed again what we were doing to make sure things would be done right.

I was expecting at least a week to go by before getting an update and to my surprise the following Monday I got a message that the gun was stripped and ready to be polished

Later that week, Thursday, I got a second message that the marker was polished and ready for anno. The polished parts looked so good, I almost wanted to keep it that way. Maybe the next one.

The anno was put on the next day and by Friday (yes one week later) I had pictures of an anno'd marker. I was in shock thinking it would have been weeks.

There was one or two pieces that the black splash was not solid and Blake re-did those pieces. I did not need to ask him, that was nice. He obviously takes pride in his work.

The trigger frame needed to go back to the manufacturer to get lasered with the logo, and since they are also in Oregon, Blake offered to bring the receiver to them so I would not need to ship it. I call that awesome customer service.

I got the parts back, minus the receiver, boxed and well wrapped three days later. So to get the time line down, I had all the parts back to me in two weeks including shipping times going coast to coast.

Here are pictures of the completed marker and a close up of the awesome anno work.

Over all I am very satisfied with Daddy's Customs Anno. I have another project that I am going to send to him for anno and will definitely recommend his work.

Thanks again for some awesome anno work and customer service!

Link to Daddy's Customs Myspace page

Link to Daddy's Customs Website

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