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118917 11-17-2007 08:04 PM

Empire vents helix
well the Helix is the economy model from the vents line.
They retail for about 26~30 dollars.(I won it in a raffle today so :p)
so heres my review

well the one i received had the single lens yet they did not fog up
and they are a breeze to replace. They have an awesome field of vision compared to say a JT elite mask of the same price. One thing I was annoyed was when taking a direct hit to the lens the paint smeared and left a clear layer of I guess oil which dropped visibility to the point I had too wash the lens off with a hose. :(

For a low end mask this was pretty decent, of course it was no where as light as my flex but it was lighter than my cousins jt nvader. The foam is superb for a 26 dollar mask I would say it's on par with the foam on my flex. The helix some what hugs your face but it can get hot since it's not very breathable (see bellow)

Well it doesn't breath like my flex but it's tolerable but you will feel stuffed up if it's a somewhat long game so the mask comes short but it's to be expected from economy masks. The real bad thing I found is the vents are pretty badly designed as they allow paint through so if you get shot in the mouth region expect to eat a good amount of fill :rolleyes:

Being true to the Vents series it is somewhat of a good looking mask but nothing that would get a second glance, it's pretty but nowhere near Shunut's ex spimmy pretty (only thing I could think of that would fit) but still better than mosts economy masks since I only saw one other person with a helix.

The tag on the mask said 25.99 so for that price it's an excellent buy considering it is incredibly easy to replace the lens as in the higher end vents and it's comfort is level is exquisite minus the ventilation of heat and visibility is absolutely wonderful
in all I would say this is a great mask to have as either a back up or to recommend to someone just getting into the sport.
I should technically give it a 3.5/5 but considering the price and features I have to give it a....

(this is my first review so be gentle and I mean you Vike :D )

newkid 11-18-2007 08:33 AM

Re: Empire vents helix
nice review

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