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oldironmudder 10-03-2007 07:12 AM

Spyder Custom Services
This is a place where SOC members can post custom services that they provide to others. Such as half backing, eye drilling, conversions, porting, etc...

Requirements for posting:

#1 Contact info
#2 Pictures
#3 Prices

IRStookmySpyder 11-08-2007 01:54 PM

Re: Spyder Custom Services
There are a lot of people want to have special work done to their guns but they can't afford it. Well now you can! Right now I only offer a couple services for Spyder's, but as I get more milling under my belt I will do other things. Here is what I offer at this time...

1. Polish you Spyder's bolt and striker. This will include giving you new o-rings for the bolt and for the striker. This will cost $10 plus shipping cost to get your bolt and striker here and back to you.

2. Milling your trigger frame for eyes. This will look very professional. This will cost you $15 plus shipping cost to get your trigger frame here and back to you.

3. Milling your body for eyes and eye covers. This will also look very professional seeing that it isn't done with a dremal where you could mess up the drilling. This will cost you $15 plus shipping cost to get your body here and back to you.

Commonly asked questions...

How long does it take to do these mods?
It should only take me 2-3 days once the parts are received and then I will ship it back to you.

What do you use to do the milling on the trigger frame?
I use a mill so that the grove that your wires lay in are flat and even unlike with a dremal where they can have high and low spots in the milling.

How and when do I pay?
You can pay through either paypal or a M.O.(money order). And you send the money with the parts, that way I know that I am getting paid and I have money to pay for shipping back to you.

How to contact me?
Through PM's would be best, and if you can ever catch me on AIM you can get be there, but PM's will get you a much quicker response.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me and ask me about anything.

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