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shunut 09-03-2007 08:00 PM

BST Rules *Please Read Before You Post*
  • 1 "Up" per 24 hours.
  • No "Free Ups".
  • The Sales Corner has been created for our members to Buy, Sell and/or Trade their items only, please refrain from anything but Buying, Selling and/or Trading talk. If your post is only to comment on how nice somebody's items are please do so via PMs or emails as these will be considered "Free Ups".
  • All thread must state, in the body of the thread, what you are looking to buy, sell and/or trade. Links to sales sections on other websites and/or paintball forums will not be allowed.
  • Links to eBay auctions are not allowed.
  • If you are selling an item, there must be a price.
  • "Testing the waters" will be allowed, but if you are only looking to see what your item is worth or want an appraisal please do so in the "Veteran Forum" or "Non-Paintball Topics" section, depending on the item.
  • The sale of any weapon (knives, swords, fire arms, ect...) will not be allowed.
  • If you are selling multiple items, please try to combine them all to 1 thread. Do not post separate threads for each individual item.
  • Pictures are required for all sales threads.
  • Moderators reserve the right to close threads that are a month or more old. If you have a thread that you have been continually upping and has a month or more worth of "Ups" whether you've sold all your items or not, your thread may be closed and you will be asked to start a new thread.
  • Buy, Sell, Trade at your own risk.
  • Moderators are the final judge.
*These rules are in addition to all other general forum rules.

*Failure to follow any of these rules will result in your thread being closed and, depending on the infraction, possible temporary or permanent banishment from the forum.

*Rules are subject to change without notice.

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