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th3_0n3 09-01-2007 08:08 PM

th3_0n3's review on the Spyder Competition pants
Here's my Spyder Competition pants review:

I went to my local shop to buy some playing pants since I neede some and I came across the Spyder pants. The pants look cuaght my attention and I soon found myself wondering about how they would fit and if they are made out of strong material. So I tried them on and they fit very comfortibly on me. I ran around a bit and found myself buying them in no time. When I got home I looked at them and thought the look was very easy to the eye but also very cool looking. They have a simple design but it's a really nice fit with any other design on any jersey. So I decided to go outside and slide a bit to test their strength. The pants didn't tear at all. When sliding, I noticed that I wasn't hurting when I hit the ground. The padding on the pants were enough to coushin you when you hit the ground but they weren't over-padded. I'd recommend them to anyone who needs new pants. They are cheap but they get the job done perfectly.

NeedForSpeed 09-08-2007 04:47 PM

Re: th3_0n3's review on the Spyder Competition pants
Thanks for the review. I'm looking for some new pants. Let me know how they have held up since purchase.

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