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Keraed 05-14-2007 02:24 PM

Velocity Locking Screw
Ok so Im semi new to paintball. Ive been paintballing once, but me and my friends shoot of my paintball gun all the time. I just got an imagine about 2 days ago from a friend of a friend. While i was cleaning it and checking out the internals and stuff, i found that i was missing the locking screw on the velocity adjuster. Now my question is, first how does the locking screw work, because theres no place that the screw actually connects to on the gun itself, So how would it lock the adjuster in place. Second, Can I get a regular screw from say home depot, or do i have to buy a new one from kingman, or a paintball store.:confused: Any advice would help alot, because i dont want to go to a field, and them not let me play because im missing it.

xsgmike66x 05-14-2007 07:51 PM

Re: Velocity Locking Screw
Is it a thumb adjuster?(shown below)(im pretty sure all imagine's came with this type of adjuster, but im not positive) I really didnt understand your post compleatly(but that my just be because im tired haha). If its the thumb adjuster and your talkin about the little screw that holds it in place, you should get a new one because you dont want your velocity to get messed up while playing and your gun doesn't shoot right or worse, someone get hurt, . Any screw that fits in the small hole, and keeps it from turning it will work. As for your feild hasseling you, every feild is differntand i cant speak on behalf of your field.

Happy Paintballin,

SupaSnipa 05-15-2007 03:21 PM

Re: Velocity Locking Screw
yes they do mike, however u could do both......if you found the right kind of screw

Bilbo 05-23-2007 08:00 AM

Re: Velocity Locking Screw
You can get replacements at a hardware store. I replaced mine with one that has a knob on it so I can adjust it by hand. That being said, I find them pretty useless. The original one worked loose all the time. And I never found a field that cared if I had the screw or not. My guess is that tournaments might, though.
One thing I found did help was to put a small piece of rubber between the screw and the marker body, so that when you tighten the screw it doesn't shake loose so easily.

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