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Nobodytoyou 09-08-2011 06:37 AM

Additional mods to do for my MR1
So far iv already done a considerable amount.

MR1 (a.k.a. Old reliable)
mods and additions
CCM Clamping feedneck
16" CP 1 piece barrel (0.689 bore)
Empire Prophecy Loader
Spyder Skeleton Stock
Kingman Rocking Frame 2.0, with a Virtue Spyder board
32* mangaport valve
shock tech spring kit
GUERRILLA Air 62ci 3k HPA tank
Dye Sticky Grips
also a bottom line ASA adapter

so far i plan to do this next

Add a regulator
get a barrel kit
*this is a maybe depending on if everything can fit*
get an eye compatible mr2 body to put everything in so i can finally give the damn thing eyes XD (not comfortable milling it myself)
change the valve assembly to the madman rocket valve (i hear many good things)
Change the ASA to a DP RAPS II ASA
Tiberius Arms Tri-Rail Riser , so i can mount a scope and green laser sight (scope not for aiming but for target spotting at longer ranges when enemies try to hide)

anyways here's where i need a bit of help , as far as regulators go i wasn't sure if i need an adapter or something to put a reg on the mr1 body , i know ill need one for the ASA to switch to macro line

next any suggestions on barrel kits , preferably on the cheaper side of things (I'm hoping for sub 150$ http://www.ansgear.com/TechT_iFit_9_...9pc-spyder.htm <--- currently looks like a good deal but id prefer a few opinions

for mr2 body , i know SPPS sells em pre-milled , i just don't know if the internals match

and as for the madman rocket well i just like hearing others thoughts ^.^

also does anyone know if the newdesigns highflow valve pin will work with the 32* magnaport valve?

Lawpass 09-08-2011 07:56 AM

Re: Additional mods to do for my MR1
The mr2 body costs about the same price as buying a whole mr2 off of ebay right now, might be worth thinking about going that way so you have extra parts.

I borrowed an iFit kit for a day a few months back to shoot on my cocker, and i have to say it shot very well. I had low expectations but end the end was nothing but impressed with it. Its not very long though, I'd be concerned with it getting stuck in the little front shroud on an mr2 body.

Nobodytoyou 09-08-2011 08:36 AM

Re: Additional mods to do for my MR1

this is the body i was talking about , (cant exactly get an mr2 new anymore lol) but basically its going to be something i wish to keep going as long as possible , sure other markers might after something close for cheaper overall , but it still doesn't match the feel and muscle memory of a gun iv been using for 3+ years lol.

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