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dsraoof 02-15-2006 07:32 PM

low velocity and accuracy help
i have low velocity on my spider pilot ACT for some reason... i shoot like 265 FPS MAX even after adujusting it to shoot the highest fps possible. also, my shoots are not THAT accurate, even after buying a $100 Freak barrel, is it becuz my velocity is low?? and how can i make it higher? i recently switched to compressed air and i must say its ALOT better than co2, but what about an electric hopper?? how will it effect my gun?? is it worth paying the extra money for?? thanks in advance.

also, my gun doesnt look like the pilot ACS shown on this website, i KNOW its acs tho... maybe it an older/newer version?!?!

shunut 02-15-2006 08:29 PM

Re: low velocity and accuracy help
A electronic hopper will not effect your velocity. You could have velocity problems for a number of reasons:

1. Your tank could be low or empty, not enough air to power your marker
2. Your could have dirt/debris in the body where the bolt and/or striker are
3. Your striker may need to be lubed

Check those problems and let us know what happens.

ooglieboogliebob 02-16-2006 02:52 PM

Re: low velocity and accuracy help
hmm... you should probably try to polish and oil your gun, and you could probably try otterizing your bolt to raise it a bit ...
bolt mod
You could also get a new spring kit and try a harder mainspring with a softer valve spring. Also clean out your gun completely and try to run on a completely full tank

The aggitating hopper is needed, or you'll chop like crazy. You should probably get the eggy, and later upgrade it to z-board

hmm... the taking your gun apart and see if there's a spring in the bolt ... i don't think i'v ever seen an aluminum acs bolt on a pilot ... does it look plastic or is it metal with no spring ??

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