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yamaha cow 09-08-2006 03:01 PM

my new ion
it is a stock black ion i just got it. i use a ricochet 2kx hopper, and a pmi 48ci 3000psi tank. i ahve allready ordered a few upgrades for it(feedneck,body kit,trigger,sp qev). i have set the trigger to how i want and as well as the dwell. i have it set at 140 psi.
this is 1 pod of hotspots paint

pbfreak3221 09-08-2006 03:18 PM

Re: my new ion
Congratulations on getting an Ion I joined the club a few monthes ago as well and love my Ion. Good luck!

stylinbeaver 09-08-2006 03:40 PM

Re: my new ion
Nice ion. One question. Your tanks looks like it is blemished. Is it the camera, or did you like sand it down? Was just wondering:)

yamaha cow 09-08-2006 04:05 PM

Re: my new ion
just camera

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