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Spoolinup 07-11-2006 09:12 PM

XSF Advantage board in spyder...PROBLEMS!!!!
I have an XSF Advantage v1.1 board in my MR2...I've always just used the non-eye mode, until I just got eyes installed. In any event, I'm running a cheetah boarded halo with 10.6v 1400 mAh boost custom rechargeable battery, and that thing feeds FAST.

In any event, with the eyes on, the gun doesn't to seem to fire in auto any faster than 14-15 balls per second....and it should fire as fast as the hopper will feed in full auto eye mode....

my question lies here.... has ANYONE worked with this board or understand it? I can't find anyone who does, and some guys i've talked to said that even though it is in eye mode, it still might need to have the dwell/delay adjusted, but i don't know if that's so or not....

all I know is that it fires a LOT faster in non-eye mode full auto, but REAAAAALLY WANT to run with eyes on, but fast-like, and be able to understand the board better.

Thanks in advance for any help!


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