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DonF 11-11-2007 08:40 AM

VS O-Ring Info Project
Since the last VS O-ring threads got side tracked for profit. I have decided to start a new thread I will match up O-rings as time allows and edit this first post. It doesnt cost anything to match up O-rings except, Time - an O-ring Chart, and a set of Calipers So if you want to join in the project please feel free to do so. I will call Kingman Tech to see if they are allowed to give out this info too.

O-rings are listed by the numbers in the Kingman VS Manual

ORG001 - Striker O-ring Size = #015 Material = Polyurethane (Urethane) Duro = 70 Note: Page 13 of the VS manual warns against using a tank O-ring its polyurethane too but its a 90 Duro (too hard) or the substitution of ORG002 Black O-ring - In a jam the ORG002 might work but not last as long, as polyurethane has much better tearing / wear capabilities. One each used in the VS marker

ORG002 - Bolt O-ring (Also used on the Vertical Adapter x2 and the outside of the Valve Body x2 Low Pressure Chamber x1) Size = #015 Material = Standard Nitrile is also known as Buna-N or Buna. Duro = 80 (per VS manual) Note: most O-ring suppliers only stock 70 or 75 Duro in Nitrile This will work fine. Six are used in the VS Marker

ORG003 - Barrel O-ring Size = #019 Material Buna-N / Nitrile One / Two each used in the VS marker depending on your barrel (stock VS uses two)

ORG005 - Vertical O-ring Size = #018 Material Buna-N / Nitrile One each used in the VS marker

ORG006 - Inner Valve Body O-ring Size = #008 Material Buna-N / Nitrile One each used in the VS marker

ORG008 - Velocity Adjuster O-ring Size = #011 Material Buna-N / Nitrile This size is also used on the Macroline adapter on the stock regulator. TheVS manual calls for a #10 but that is way too small. The O.D. of the velocity adjuster is.325 and the O.D. of the macroline adapter is.335. The I.D. of a #010 oring is .239 +/-.005 The #011 ID is .301 +/-.005 still tight but ok. #012 is way too big at.364 - One / Two is used on the VS depending on if you run the stock regulator

ORG009 - ASA Reg Head O-ring Size = #016 Material Buna-N / Nitrile One each on the VS





ORG016 - Valve Pin O-ring (L) Size = #009 Material Buna-N / Nitrile One each used in the VS marker

ORG017 - Valve Pin O-ring (S) Size = M1x3 (Metric O-ring its 1mm cross section by 3mm I.D. Some places like oringsusa list the it backwards as a 3x1 so be careful) Material Buna-N / Nitrile One each used in the VS marker

Tank O-ring Size = #015 Material = Polyurethane (Urethane) Duro = 90

http://www.marcorubber.com/sizingchart.htm O-ring Sizing Chart

http://www.marcorubber.com/material_chart.htm O-ring Material Chart

http://www.customproducts.us/downloads.html Maintenance Guides and O-ring sizes for Custom products ASA's and Regulators The CP regulator guide also works for the Empire regulator with a few minor changes.

http://www.spyder.tv/section/support/diagrams_manuals.html Spyder VS marker manuals (The O-rings above are listed by the Kingman Part Number)

Where to Find O-rings

Phone = KINGMAN - After all they made your marker the tech guys are Cool - Very Helpful :) and your sure to get something that works

Locally = Hardware Stores, Building Supply Stores, Industrial Supply Stores, Harbor Freight, Tool Stores and your local PB shack probably has a large selection
Online = Most any O-ring supply store or paintball outlet

When matching up old O-rings to a O-ring chart you need a set of calipers. Digital Calipers can be found at stores like Harbor Freight for under $7 on sale. O rings are not that precision even the quality ones list a +/-.003 Variance, So an expensive set of calipers is not needed.
Used O-rings deform so don't expect exact results. Measure the cross section of the O-ring then measure the diameter of the item the O-ring fits on. Much more accurate than trying to measure the ID of a flexy O-ring

Poor Quality orings can vary up to .007-.010 because of mold quality. So if you find a bad batch find another supplier and return them

Critical 11-11-2007 09:32 AM

Re: VS O-Ring Info Project

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