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OSOK 05-31-2008 05:10 PM

First game with my new equipment
I just got back from my first game with my new equipment. (Spyder RS, and Empire B) It was a Tri-Pact tournament with 3 teams and it was awesome. The gun performed beyond my expectations, and being able to fire 12+ balls at a guy before he can react is a great feeling.

The Trip-Pact was 3 Teams (Red, Yellow, and Blue) and we rotated to different bases throughout the game. Each team had a flag at their base, and a flag grab was worth half of a point, if you returned it you got another half. I was on Red team with one of my buddies and in the last round the score was Red-2, Yellow-1, Blue-1. We had a base that was downhill and off to the left, we decided that we would try to keep our flag safe, and if we had a chance to grab a flag to secure the lead and not have a tie breaker. (Tie breaker would have been 2 team captains 1v1) My friend and I held our front lines from the bottom, and we had some guys run up a hill to secure the road. While we were holding off the guys at the bottom our guys up top managed to get around all of them and grab a flag for half of a point securing our lead. In the end all of us on Red team got a Tri-Pact badge and we all had a great time.

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