View Full Version : Slings for my gun.

Syder Sniper
03-13-2007, 08:22 PM
I was on some paintball sights and saw some guys with homemade slings for their guns, and I was wondering how to make a homemade one but to still have good quality.:rolleyes:

03-15-2007, 08:15 AM
take the sling of any unused bag, suitcase or other storing bag. Thats the sling, now to attach it to the gun, here's the steps: Take black duct tape and cut 2 bands 10 inches long 1 inch wide, and roll the first around the barrel, glue side away from barrel in order to protect your barrel from the glue of the second duct tape band. Apply a metal keyring on the glue side of the tape and roll the second duct tape band glue side toward barrel, inserting the tape inside the keyring at each roll you apply. Add more band to satisfy your solidity over flexibility needs.
Repeat procedure around the lower frame of the stock for the second attachment point.

It may sound like a joke but i really did this last summer and it worked great.

Thats the ghetto way.