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03-10-2007, 04:27 AM
1. You don't like the price, post what you would pay. OBO
2. You ship first unless your mod or Supporting Member
3. Flame if you want, it doesn't hurt my feelings.
4. I accept paypal or MO. Check but want send items until it clears

1. Shocker Parts
2. Regs. Any color
3. Any pb related items. Just offer. Offer any gun parts except ion:D
4. Tanks. Want anything bigger than a 68 3000. must be in hydro unless uber cheap.
5. Grills, Profilers, I3's. Plus if there white
6. Virtue baord for shocker.

Now finally to the good stuff. Here's the list of the parts I have for sale.
1.Stock frame, Black Bob long gauge,Pink Virtue EZ on button. Comes with trigger pin, 4 grip screws, and the 3 screws that hold the body on- $40
2. Black Trinity Trigger- $20
3. Stock Black Body- $15
4. Stock bolt. Lil wear. Includes all orings. $10
5. Stock reg. Scratched up badly! Sanded down so it's smooth. Works goods though. Comes with cover and filter. No macro fitting- $8---SOLD!!!
6. Stock barrel x2- 8 a peice. Lil to no wear. I have 2 of them
7. Black CP classic 14" Barrel. Has a couple small scratches. Nothing much at all.- $30
8. Stock board. Broken eye plug. THe white plug broke off so no eyes. Works just no eyes. Also no middle banjo because I had a QEV. COmes with clear extra hose.- $15--- SOLD!!!
9. Stock eyes. Work great- $5--- SOLD!!!!
10. Firing can with C clip and breech with stock detents and black Q-lock. Great condition.- $60
11. Stock feedneck and red Trinity feedneck. Both stripped. Stock is scratched badly.- $5 for both
12. 2 black frame screws. Great for a custom ion that needs that special touch.- $2 ( Add 60 cent for shipping)
13. Clippard QEV. Great. Worked good.- $ 10--- SOLD!!!
14. Stock ion grips- $ 5
15. Stock eye wire- $2( add 60 cent to this for shipping)


ADD 4.50 TO EVERYTHING EXCEPT THE SCREWS FOR SHIPPING and this includes a confirmation number from USPS
Let the fun begin. You can post here, PM me, or get me on AIM. Screenname is:: stylinbeaver

03-10-2007, 07:10 AM
pmed you.

03-10-2007, 08:51 AM
part a 5/32 banjo ?

03-10-2007, 10:02 AM
Lud: You will need a set of eyes, middle banjo/QEV, and a macro fitting for the reg. That will be all you need except for a new board. Make a offer of what you would give and I might consider it
Pure Evil: Sorry. I'm not going to part just a banjo

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