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03-04-2007, 05:22 PM
WELL... here we go so i got my mr2 a few weeks ago and shot the gun and it was all stock went well only had a gravity fed hopper that came with gun package. i had one maybe two chops in the barrel out of two hoppers full on semi,3 round (didnt try auto) it was about 35 degrees out maybe colder....so fast forward to today i have since added the fasta and bought a 14" j&j ceramic... i got the fasta yesterday and decided to re-c02 myself and try the new stuff out so i shot gun today and to my surprise i had more breaks this time than i had with the gravity fed but this time it broke in the feed neck/none was in hopper it self only inside clear feed neck (i have pics attached because i was wondering if i have the loader down too far) and i have pics of how i installed my bolt and all (too be sure it's in right) thanks for the help in advance


03-04-2007, 05:42 PM
Your bolt and striker are good to go!

Did you try and put the gravity hopper back on and see if the chopping continued? I would try that first and see if it goes away.

If your chopping paint (bolt slicing the ball in the breech) then you would get paint in the feedneck like you described. Common issue with the MR2 and the ACS bolt, allot of excess air/gas escapes around the bolt where the air-port on the bottom of the bolt is located. The escaped gasses, instead of going down the barrel, escape through the feedneck and push balls back up, some refer to this as the "popcorn effect." So the next ball doesn't fall down into the chamber as quickly as it should before the bolt returns when firing rapidly and the bolt then chops and breaks the ball as it is only halfway, etc into the breech.

Now you mentioned you've bought the Fasta, have you noticed any double shots? When two balls exit everytime you fire? Just a thought, but as I have read about other users with the Fasta, it is uses an aggresive agitator that puts some pressure on balls in the stack tube, it's possible you may need newer ball detents. The stock detents may be "giving" to much allowing room for another ball to fall partially into the breech. some people have had zero probs with their stock black detents, others have upgraded to Intimidator(timmy) detents. I for example had to upgrade to timmy detents for use with my force fed hopper.

In my personal experience with the ACS bolt, it has allowed for recocking(when it works) and other times it just plain out chopped away like a lumberjack. Some people have claimed a stiffer spring in the acs bolt cured their problems while others have claimed "breaking-in" their bolt by compressing it and relaxing the spring(making it softer) solved their problems.
I personally did neither but left it alone, once I upgraded to a force fed hopper to overcome the blowback from the popcorn effect and upgrade to stronger detents, I didn't have any-more issues.

I would try to go back to the previous hopper you were using and see if the problem exists or not and then maybe we can go from there.

Please share with us what you did, it may be very useful to others in the same situation as yourself. Good-luck!

Hob Hayward
03-04-2007, 06:25 PM
I have a feeling its the ACS + the cold weather and CO2. To me its a known issue that the ACS along with cold weather will equal chops that aren't chops, its some odd phenomenon.

I expect that you got these random chops that wouldn't be occurring from shooting too fast. If you only shot quickly, try it again, and fire slowly, if you get any ball breaks my suggestion would be to upgrade to an alamo city pb bolt with o-rings.