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01-21-2006, 09:41 PM
I have the old model of the spyder fenix and to give a little history on the gun I toar the threads on the adapter arm so it is has teflon tape on it in the reg and on the hoze part thats how bad I toar them But my gun misfires the pin sear and all the o rings are in good condition a tech said it was the regulator. To any of you who fire a fenix there quiet arent they? Well mine will get about a few good shots then it gets loud like to much air is getting through and it chops paint the gun tech turned up the reg up and the reg down and adjusted the velocity and it still misfired every other shot. An it seems when my co2 is about to be empty the gun fires fine. Can any offer any help to this? Is the reg or possible something else? An does any one know how much a new adapter arm, hoze and a new expansionchamber/regulator would cost from kingman?

01-21-2006, 10:33 PM
Mebbe it's because it's 11:30PM and I'm trying to read your post, or mebbe it's not me, but I can barely understand what you're saying. :confused:

I'm guessing by "adapter arm" you are referring to the V/A (Vertical Adapter). Did you strip the retaining screw? If you want to get a new V/A, there are several options. I personally have a 15* Assault Block (http://store.yahoo.com/paintballgate/spyd15degasb.html) on my marker, and I love the feel of it. There is also the -10* Trinity V/A (http://store.yahoo.com/bradyspaintball/trbadhaanvea.html).

As for a new expansion chamber...I personally would upgrade to a regulator and get a new bottomline so you can put macroline on it. A Bob Long Torpedo (http://www.discountpaintball.com/product_info.php?products_id=697) is an excellent regulator, and will work with CO2 almost as well as or equal to the performance it gets with HPA (which is pretty damn good, if I might say so myself!). Any on/off ASA will work, but I personally have a drop forward on mine....some people (most people, actually) don't like how drop forwards make their markers feel. It is all a preference thing, however. ;)

Stock parts will be cheaper, but IMO you might as well seize this opportunity and upgrade your marker as it will only cost a few bucks (well, more than a few, but not too much more!).

Welcome to the Spyder Online Community, btw! :)

01-21-2006, 10:55 PM
Okay IM sorry about my post my main problem on the gun is that I fire good a couple good shots then it hiccups and paint chops and the gun fires fine when it gets down to a emtpy co2 tank i have had someone tell me that the co2 is reaking havoc on my regulator that I need to go with nitro He said it becuase the co2 down expand fast enough and when it is about to run out that it expands faster and thats why I get perfect shots. I have had a tech look at and said there gotta be something wrong with the reg he had adjusted it to diffrent settings and it would still misfire every so many shots. Does that offer any more help?

And for the teflon taping correction the adapter arm threads were toar so bad that had to be taped to stop leaking which I dont think would be cuasing the hiccup in my gun

01-22-2006, 04:03 AM
Sounds to me you're getting drop off because the co2 is not getting enough time to expand, so yes the tech might be right in that manner. N2 or HPA would greatly help you. If you have a friend with a HPA tank put it on there and try it out and see if it works better. Then you'll know definitely if that is the problem. If its not, then I would have to say its probably the regulator, in which case I would do what bigred suggests. Get a new VA, Reg and bottom line. Or you can search for used stock replacement parts and fix it that way. I hope I helped some. Welcome to the forum and feel free to ask any and as many questions as you desire. Everyone on here is more than willing to help.

01-22-2006, 02:09 PM
if you don't have an HPA tank you could always anti-siphon your co2 tank. It'd prevent liquid co2 from getting into your gun ... which is good. It would really be better to get an HPA tank though. If that's not the case do what bigred was suggesting

01-22-2006, 06:31 PM
I dont know too much of the anti syphon tube thing cuz right I actually need a new hoze and the adapter arm cuz I cant take them off cuz there taped up real good

An besides to the threads toar to the point where there isnt threads on the elbow or adapter arm whatever u wanna call it the gun is in percect condition minus some scratching on the pin valve and a lil wear on the sear.