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02-24-2007, 07:06 AM
Copied from SCP-

OSC Heads to Xtreme Paintball Park

The OSC (Old School Challenge) is off on another road trip to Xtreme Paintball Park in Millstadt Illinois
(Just across the way from St Louis). If you are a pump player anywhere in this area this is your year.
Come out an experience the Old School Challenge. Great prizes and great competition will await all those
that make this great experience. The field is top notch and the staff there is awesome.
So we have the perfect place to showcase the OSC.

Registration is now open for 3player and 5player.

September (Sat) 15, 2007- St Louis 3PLAYER
**ONLY $150 per TEAM - PAINT | Co2 or HPA included**

September (Sun) 16, 2007- St Louis 5PLAYER
**ONLY $300 per TEAM - PAINT | Co2 or HPA included**

Pay only $400 total for both events for the first 5 teams that prepay for both and save $50!

REGISTER YOUR TEAM ON-LINE: http://www.oscseries.com/payitXtreme.htm

So what are you waiting for? You can bring your own paint to this event OR,
Total Greif's wonderful sponsor, PMI, is providing PMI PREMIUM paintballs FREE
to every player in either the 3 man or the 5 man tournament!!

Prizes will be Pump markers, medals, trophies, harnesses, t-shirts, Chipley items and more to be announced.

It's about 5 hours out for me but my team (The Bang Gang) will be there for the 3 and 5 man! Anybody with a pump and some buddies head that way it will be a great time and worthwhile to go!

Egad I've got an xppl event the weekend before. That's like three tourney's in a week's time lol! Better eat my wheaties!