View Full Version : So I've been intellifeeding my marker...

02-18-2007, 07:41 PM
So I've been trying an intellifeed. I got everything hooked up today and when I didn't have the cable plugged in, the solenoid would fire full auto for a few seconds even though it was on semi, stop, start again. Then when I hooked the cable to the hopper, it stopped. I turn the hopper on and put something to block the eyes, and press the microswitch, and nothing happens except the hopper kept on spinning. So I took everything off, and will commence more on it tomorrow, but why wouldn't the switch activate the solenoid and why was my hopper constantly spinning? I followed the AGD guide (the same concept can be applied to a Spyder microswitch) and it wouldn't work. Anyone else do this that had the same problem?