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02-08-2007, 03:54 PM
Ok Gents' simply put,

i need to sell these two beauties so i can pay off some credit card debt. :(


2nd up is a 06' Alien Interceptor

I bought it in like October but didnt get to use it in a game until Jan 28th in the same tourney i used the above ION. I have test shot however so it has around a total of 1000-1500 through it, so it hasn't seen much use other than test firing and such.

Price is set at $400 for just gun and stock barrel or $450 with 16" Empire barrel kit (a/c threaded)
insert sizes are .681, .684, .687, .690, .693, and .696

I would like to keep the kit with the gun so i'll wait until the last minute to part it.

the only thing aftermarket on this thing is a long CP reg with a 300 psi gauge.
and the barrel kit. there are a few slight imperfections in the anno under the screws at the back of the marker. and some flaking paint on the eye covers. dont know how it happened but it did. doesnt affect how the gun shoots of course.

it does include the stock barrel and box that i recieved it in direct from Jack at ALIENPB
( i can take Lucky stickers off if you want)

gun with Empire barrel on

gun with stock barrel on

pic of Empire kit

I also have a V35 smoke Halo aswell. has the magnetic lid.

it spins but doesnt feed balls. the preload spring just needs reloaded. i dont feel like tearing it apart again to do it though.
has stickers on it that i can remove if you want me to

Price as is $75 obo


TRADES::: i will look at anything offer it. especially if i can sell it for $$$. i'm not adding anything though other than the empire kit or the v35. i have no cash to add.

please do not offer me:::
other IONs.
other low-ends. as in anything mech, spyders, cockers, pumps, etc. i dont want them unless your adding like $400

I ONLY DO PAYPAL. AND YOU ARE ADDING the 3%. dont like it? then leave.

Now onto the rules of my thread!
1.I'm not shipping first. when i recieve money or a trade i will ship. dont like that, then dont offer.
2. be mature
3. dont flame me, these markers, or my prices, or how i have things set up. ignorance will not be tolerated.
4. please post here before a pm is sent to me.
5. if your under 18 or are using mommy and daddy's account i will need to
speak to them over the telephone to verify what you are doing.

here are links to my feedback. i'm going to say right now that this username does not match the other user names. i assure you that it is me though. i can prove it to you if you deem necessary

i dont have alot but you can trust me. ask around the Nerve forum, i'm very active in there and those guys know me. ask on my teams forum. i am Wils91 on there and also very active. another reason i only use paypal is for the buyer and sellers security.

i will get you my PBN feedback thread when search is back up.

i think i pretty much covered it.

so please offer and buy. help a baller in need

02-09-2007, 03:12 PM
up.....i need offers on these phat whips

02-09-2007, 07:47 PM

02-09-2007, 07:57 PM
for which? i'm gonna say the Ceptor

i'll let you know soon, i might be trading it for a Shocker

02-11-2007, 09:10 PM