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02-07-2007, 05:09 PM
Which board shall i get for my 06 Electra The Lucky Board Or T-Board and they have to come with eyes or if theres any other recommended boards.

02-07-2007, 05:23 PM
i dont know if the lucky board comes with eyes but i know for an extra 10 bucks you can get them for the t board. i personally recoomend the verc c t board. i have heard great things about it. www.scenariodreams.com

02-07-2007, 05:28 PM
Tboard never let me down.

02-07-2007, 06:16 PM
Go for the T-Board...I just ordered mine today

02-07-2007, 06:20 PM
If I'm not mistaken the t-board for the electra comes with, eyes and a membrane pad, might be wrong but I don't think I am.


It says without eyes on the Title but if you scroll done to see the items included it lists what comes with the board.

02-07-2007, 08:09 PM
As soon as you click on the button to purchase the T-Board, the next screen shows that it is with the eyes. It comes with IR eyes though...

02-07-2007, 08:14 PM
According to the site, the lucky board comes with new eyes, atleast thats how they make it look. IF the board works on the VS markers, I would assume it also works on the 06 electras with out having to buy anything extra.

02-08-2007, 07:18 AM
the Electra/MR/VS T-board comes with ir eyes and a dye membrane pad. the Electra t-board only works on the Electra, the MR3? and the VS Series (basically the only spyders that come stock with eyes). what they did with the lucky spitfire board was make it compatable with all spyders. the spitfire board comes with eyes and you get to choose the color of them. but with the t-board you need to buy the eyes separate to get the colored ones. personally, when i get a board, im going to get the spitfire board since it comes with colored eyes, it has 2 million trigger pull scans per second as opposed to the t-board which has 1 million, and the spitfire has more in depth customizability. the T-board works great but if you want that extra bit of tweaking then go with the spitfire.

02-19-2007, 05:10 PM
I have the t-board for the pilot and i have to say i love it i had a problem with they eyes i emailed damon the creater of the board and he sent me some new ones just like that so the SD has awesome tech i would buy a product just for that

02-19-2007, 06:16 PM
yes, no doubt about it, Scenario Dreams definitely has great customer service. im going to bite the bullet and buy the spitfire board and pray to god that nothing goes wrong with it.