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02-03-2007, 06:03 AM
can someone help me out im confused about all this low pressure and high pressure stuff can someone explain to me whats better and the whole 411!! I also need to know what the little trinity block is and Trinity Sick On/Off ASA with Rail Drop Forward is because my gun runs off HpA and Co2 so what would that do to my gun and can i just plug in my nitrogen tank in my gun even if ive been using the gun with Co2 air the whole time and if it wont damage my gun any would it?

02-03-2007, 06:23 AM
"High pressure" or "Low pressure" refers to the actual output pressure of the regulator on your tank. High pressure tanks usually output 800 to 850 PSI. Low Pressure tanks usually output 450 PSI. Tippmanns, Spyders and other entry level guns need 800 PSI or higher to operate, so you would need an HP tank with these guns to generate enough pressure to allow the gun to operate. So you should be using a high pressure tank with your Electra.

So in short, if you have an HP gun or an LP gun with an HP regulator, you can use an HP tank. LP guns can also use an LP tank.

Hpa or nitrogen is always better for your paintball marker so switching to previously used Co2 to HPA will not harm the gun, just make it better.

02-03-2007, 06:34 AM
oh ok but with Co2 i can get my electra to run on about 400-600 psi and thats nearly Low Pressure and can you make a nitrogen tank lp or is it always in the thousands and in nitrogen will the gun shoot harder and straighter. And so your telling me that i dont need any of those blocks or asa adapters since my gun operates on BOTH.

02-03-2007, 10:45 AM
ok first off, all spyders (except the vs series) require about 800 psi to operate and recock. with the electra you can switch between co2 and hpa without making any changes to the gun, just screw whichever tank on. next, hpa tanks hold either 3000 psi of air or 4500 psi of air. their is a tank regulator on the tank which is basically the part of the tank that screws into the gun. the reason for this regulator is to decrease the pressure coming out of the tank to either 850ish or 400ish hence high pressure hpa tanks (850) and low pressure Hpa Tanks (400) the pressure coming out of the tank needs to be decreased when it goes in the gun so that your gun doesnt explode from 3000 psi's of air inside it. the only reason you should ever get a Low pressure hpa tank is if you ever buy a gun like an angel that will be damaged if it has more than about 400-500 psi's in it. with spiders and other mid-end guns and most high end guns you should just buy a straight up hp hpa tank.

the point of buying a new regulator for your gun is to make all of your shot velocities consistant which will make the gun more accurate. you want to get a good regulator with a high recharge rate so it fills with air fast enough for you to shoot another shot.

the point of buying a new front block is to increase airflow. one way new front blocks do this is by having bigger holes or more holes for the air to flow through. these are mainly needed to shoot faster at a consistant rate becuase otherwise the air wont get to the valve fast enough to shoot the next shot therefore skipping that shot and decreasing your rate of fire.

an ASA or Air Source Adapter is the thing that the tank screws into, and is either placed right under the grip frame or on a drop forward/back. the point of buying an ASA with an On/Off is so that when you are ready to remove your tank you twist the knob on the ASA and the air will slowly bleed out of the ASA and take the stress of the tank which makes the tank easier to remove and lengthens the life of the o-ring and threads on your tank.

all of these parts help you in decreasing the operating pressure of your gun and with low operating pressures your gun is quieter, more air efficient and sometimes more accurate. if you are planning on going low pressure you will also need a new, higher flowing bolt and a new low pressure valve too. I would recommend:

Vertical Adapter: either the Check it Products Assault block or the trinity front block

Regulator: Hpa- Either a Custom Products Grip regulator or a bob Long Torpedo Regulator. Co2- The Palmers Stabilizer. dont get any regulators for c02 if they dont specifically say that they can use co2.

ASA: Custom Products Direct Mount On/Off ASA. ps. in order to mount most regulators on a spyder you will need an adapter which changes the screw holes from a stagger to a straight layout.

Valve: Maddman Rocket Valve for Spiders. a very good low pressure valve, but be warned takes patience to adjust for max performance

Bolt: AKA lightning bolt.

hope that answers your questions.