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01-31-2007, 08:02 PM
i sent my gun to kingman because of my board was discharging by itself and they said it was a defect to they'll change it for free and so they did nad i got it bak like 2 weeks later nad i charged it for like only 5 hours and 2 days later it was dead so now what do i do.

01-31-2007, 09:05 PM
dont worry about the board losing battery power. the stock electra board has a problem where it continues to drain a very small amount of power out of the battery even when the board is off. it takes about 2 days to fully drain the battery to nothing but you needn't worry for there are 2 solutions to this problem.

1) charge your battery the night before you play and when you wake up, unplug the charger, then open up your grip and unplug the battery from the board. then when you are ready to play, plug your battery back in. this method can get annoying after a while (i should know) so there is an easier fix. which is...

2) you can buy a replacement board such as the Scenario Dreams VerC Electra/MR/VS T-Board. DO NOT buy the SD Spyder VerC T-board because some of the wires will not plug into the board right. plus, in order to use the T-board on the '06 Electra you need to use a Membrane pad which is basically 2 buttons connected together that look sweet. the reason you need to buy the Scenario Dreams VerC Electra/MR/VS T-Board over the regular spyder t-board is because the newer spyders with eyes have different wiring (just a little different) and the dye membrane pad, which provides 2 buttons (power and eyes) is required to properly control the board. have no fear though since the Scenario Dreams VerC Electra/MR/VS T-Board comes with eyes and the Dye Membrane Pad when you order it right from Scenario Dreams Online Store.

and without further ado, here is the Scenario Dreams VerC Electra/MR/VS T-Board: Scenario Dreams (http://www.scenariodreams.com/productpages/electra.htm)

ok so in addition to solving the battery drain problem, the T-board gives you much more control over how your marker shoots. you can adjust firing modes varying from pure semi, to full auto and Ramping with a few other nifty modes. you can also adjust the dwell, eye sensitivity, max rof, debounce and many other things to get the full potential out of your marker. plus there is a tournament lock that closes the programming mode and makes your marker tourney legal.

the Dye membrane pad sticks to the grip on the back over the old button holes and works together seamlessly and quickly to simply adjust any setting you want buy looking at an LED and interpreting the colors.
i plan on buying this board sometime soon when i get some money so if your interested i will write a review.

Sorry for the Long Post and all of the topic jumping, because im tired, but hopefully that helps you a little whether you are just going to unplug the battery or buy a whole new board.

Feel free to ask any Questions you may still have (most likely caused by my long confusing post)


02-01-2007, 03:57 AM
Charge it agian. Look in the manual that came ew/ the Electra, and read the suggested charging period. Its usually around 8-12 hours. And with my gun if I let it sit around for a couple of days before i use it again i always charge it.