View Full Version : WTB Trinity front block and Maybe Reg...

01-31-2007, 03:11 PM
Well I've decided its time to go to a vertical reg on my 05 LP pilot and I prefer the trinity 15* back angle over the assault block. I figured I'd see what folks here have before I go buy new. If its not like new I'm not interested. I plan on getting the setup ordered by friday at the latest unless somebody offers up a used trinity front block and/or reg before then. I plan on getting the Detonator reg unless I can find a good used reg.
I'm a man of my word, I'll pay, you ship promptly, all is good...you don't, well hopefully we won't have to go that route.
I'll do paypal even though I'm not real happy with them right now, however not interested in sending M.O.'s in the mail unless the deal is just to good to pass up.
Post here or PM me both are fine.
All right guys, whatta ya got.