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01-21-2007, 08:09 AM
which one do u guys think i should get

01-21-2007, 08:10 AM
price range?

what you want out of it?


Edit: sorry the poll wasnt up yet

01-21-2007, 09:37 AM
I voted Ion... I had one and loved it. Even in it's stock configuration, it gives you a good, near-tournament grade marker. Pop on a few parts (QEV, etc), and it is a tournament-grade gun. VS2 I wouldn't get because a lot of people are having problems with them... I haven't had a chance to dink with them yet, so I don't know if it's just user-error or not.

01-21-2007, 09:42 AM
for alot of problems the vs series forum isn't swamped with people. the ion at the moment is more upgradeable but miantenace is much eaier on the vs. if you want milsim i would go mr3 and put an esp frame on it and cut a groove for teh eye wires. I say vs2.

01-21-2007, 09:53 AM
Go shoot each one and determine which one you like the most. Only you can determine which is best for you.

As an opinion, of the three you gave, I'd go with the Ion because it's electro pneu and upgradeable.

01-21-2007, 10:00 AM
It isn't swamped, no. Not many forums are because most don't even know that these boards exist. How much easier maintenance can you get than a marker that only has problems with o-rings? With Spyders, you have to worry about strikers, shims, springs, o-rings, cupseals, etc.... "Ease" is in the eye of the beholder, I guess.

01-21-2007, 10:12 AM
I voted Ion because they have never failed me before.

01-21-2007, 11:11 AM
I vote ion because I liked mine more than my vs2

Cleaning both markers completely takes about the same time for me. However the vs2 doesn't need (need not that it shouldn't be) to be cleaned completely after you play. I however found that I liked my ion to be cleaned after each day just to run at top performance.

01-21-2007, 11:50 AM
Have to say Ion...been around awhile so there is many upgrades available. Plus it can be a speedball gun or Milsim (with body kit, check out PDGrandpas awesome Ion Milsim in the pictures page). Just seems more versatile.

01-21-2007, 12:26 PM
I vote ion also, my bro ahs 1 and its not horrible. Def wasnt gonna vote for a 98c with e-grip but i would for a 98c with responce trigger.

01-21-2007, 01:45 PM
both the vs2 and ion are great guns. dont however get the 98 with the egrip. i say this because you would have to put in alot more cash for it to perform as well as the ion or vs2.(eyes,lp,ect.)

01-22-2007, 03:42 PM
Thanks everyone ION it is. but i just have to talk my mom into letting me use my money. =/ and i just got an ipod.