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01-14-2007, 01:02 PM
Well me and my freinds are planing on starting a team this summer and i was wondering wut do i need to do to prepare myself for lys ahead such as cost sponsers and so on


01-14-2007, 01:05 PM
where your starting out, dontt worry about anything. It should be for the fun of it. Sponsors come when you come to a mutual meeting of what you want, and what they want. it isnt that expensive now, so you all should be able to pay for it out of your pockets

01-14-2007, 01:15 PM
Welcome to tournament paintball!

Try a search on starting a team, or paintball teams here and I bet you'll be surprised at how much you find. There have been several threads over the past couple of months that discuss it, and I believe there may be a sticky or two out there that will help.

I agree with Hossy though, don't worry about anything. Just go out, have a great time, and play! Get good, win, THEN worry about sponsors.

LOL - on a side note - ever notice when someone just gets started in tournament paintball, usually the first thing out of a beginner's mouth/keyboard is "How do I get sponsors?" Don't expect sponsorship (other than maybe local businesses) right away. You need to play, win, develop your resume', discuss who you want as a sponsor, then go looking.

Some of us were lucky and got into sponsorships right away, others took a while longer. Don't worry about that part. Play the game while it's still fun - looking for sponsors and getting sponsorship makes it more like work instead of a game.

01-14-2007, 02:02 PM
My first bit of advice is dont. Ive ran many a team and they have all killed my love of playing paintball.

However, that is not the best advice so here is the advice of starting a team.

First: Have fun. I cant stress this enough. Paintball without fun is horrible. Trust me on this one. I captianed my team last year and due to in fighting and stupid people I wanted to quit. This year I am the only one from that team to return on the condtion that I only play. So the moral of this story is Have fun and everything will fall it to place.

Second: Dont worry about sponsers. Sponsers will come with wins. Wins come from practice, tournaments, blood, and sweat. You will have to spend money, you will have to practice and play on your own dime, but in the end when you win and win consistently you will get sponsors

Third: This goes along with sponsors. Pick a field and make it home. That is where you intital sponsorship will come from as well as you will make contacts with already established teams at that field. These teams are the key to advancing both on the field and off.

Forth: Practice makes perfect and you will have to practice alot. Practice includes drills, working out, and finally scrimmage.

Fifth: Create team unity. A team that has this has an atvantage on the field. I know you are friends but this is important when you advance and need to add people for a 5 man team or your friends leave and you rebuild or join a team. This bond will help gain confidence on the field.

Finally: Have fun once again. This is the key to playing tournament paintball. Without fun you will hate the sport and nothing good comes from that.

yamaha cow
01-15-2007, 10:48 AM
i'm in my second team in 3 years my first team wasn't so hot it was woodsball team that thought they where good and made people mad including me so i quit them and started my own team i pulled a couple 15 year old kids wich is my age to play on it. it also turns ou that the field sponsor they had kicked them out for being mean to new players and calling actual good players noobs.

but know the team that I started is doing very well we have a filed sponsorship we have to where there names on r jerseys when we play and we work at there special events sometimes. we help with there thing like they did a hunt for the cure wich was amazing it was like 300 people againts acoupl local teams such as mine and 3 others.

to get a feild sponsor u need to kno the owner pretty good and u will probubly need to play there for a bout a year like a trial run. for otheres u just need to ask like local busineses that need some sort of small advertising or need a team of peoples help with events and stuff and they could give u money or help in buying stuff u need for it.

the most important thing to rember in getting sponsorships is pacients and confidence u may not get the first couple but keep trying.

01-16-2007, 02:03 PM
umm if you're just starting out dont buy or do anythign just play in a few tourneys and win some things and either sell them or use them to start up your team