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01-11-2007, 04:03 PM
I can only get the gun to shoot consistantly at 12 BPS (full auto). I got the t-board in hopes of shooting alot faster, since the box for the mr2 advertises 25bps. Well i just recieved my DXS Pulse yesterday and hooked her all up, went in the backyard to test it all out. Started off stock at 12 bps and everything went fine... Then i upped it to 15bps and the ACS keeps kicking in after a few shots and makes me recock the gun.

I tried disabeling the ACS by cutting a machine screw and putting it inside the spring so it couldnt move at all. This ended up just chopping balls.

I know the detent is not the problem. Could this be something with the rest of the settings on the t-board? (dwell or debounce?) Do I need to try different springs in the marker? (I have a 32degrees spring kit but have not played with it yet). Any suggestions on what to use for these settings, or instructions on how to set them up? (I dont know much about dwell or debounce).

I just want this gun to shoot as fast as possible. The MR2 box advertises 25bps, the t-board is capable of 29bps and the hopper advertises 40-42bps. I dont see why it would not be reasonable to expect ~20bps.

Any help is appreciated. Sorry for all the reading :o

01-11-2007, 04:16 PM
the 25 bps advertised if in semi mode not full auto with sum adjustments to my trigger and my hopper i have achieved 22 bps

put it in semi and practice rocking the trigger you should do fine

01-11-2007, 04:22 PM
Did you go through the entire setup process as explained in the manual of your Pulse? Do you have it in the correct mode?

Maybe you could share your settings with us so we could try to help you with those.

Not to sound mean or to put you down or anything but why do you need it to go that fast. I know at all the fields around here you aren't allowed over 15bps and you are only allowed to use semi mode. I can understand that you want a fast paintball gun and you want all your equipment to work to its max. Hopefully we can figure something out.

01-12-2007, 11:11 AM
I did not go through a setup process for my Pulse. The reason is because I did not recieve a manual with it. Is there something special I have to do besides turning it on?

Edit: Just went to the DXS website and read the manual. I had it running in red-mode, which is what it should have been on because I dont have the RF chip yet.

The settings on the T-Board are stock except the BPS setting obviously. (Dwell is at 8ms and Debounce is at 5ms)

The reason I want the gun to be able to go that fast is because I never play at actual paintball fields. We always play out in the woods with no rules about rof or full auto. While I probably wont play often on 20bps because I dont like carrying 2 cases of paint with me back into the woods, I would like the gun to be able to achieve that rof more for the intimidation factor.

01-12-2007, 12:32 PM
Have you done anyother mod's to your marker?

01-12-2007, 07:49 PM
No other mods that should effect this I don't think, but just incase...

16"J&J ceramic barrel
Trinity AK47 style expansion chamber
SPPS feed neck
Proteam F/X MX4 adjustable stock
replaced the braided hose w/ macro line
I run a remote with co2

Like I said, I haven't fooled with any of the springs yet.

I was thinking... maybe you actually need the RF chip in your gun to achieve higher rates of fire. I say this because I tried ramping mode (which I had ramped up to 15-20bps) and it seemed to get a few more shots off than in full auto before I had to recock it. My theory is that going full auto from the start uses up all the balls that the hopper has already loaded into the tube before the pulse kicks in and starts running the motor again. I think that maybe starting at a low rof and then increasing it after the motor turns back on maybe is the trick.

Any thoughts on this theory? Anyone having the same experience? Any thoughts or theories of your own are still very much appreciated.