View Full Version : running an ep gun on co2

01-11-2007, 08:44 AM
well, when i was thinking about how to build my spydercocker, i decided i wanted to try to put the 4way inside the frame. then i thought i came up with a way to make it electronic (but it wouldn't work) after some time, i remembered the mech ion, and that it used the cocker's 4way to control it. after some thought, i figured on a bushmaster/em1 i could mod an esp frame to it, since the tray is now empty of the noid, fit the 4 way in there with some fittings (if it's small enough, if not it could be mounted outside it) and have a plate screwed into the back of the spyder's pancake noid (cut a portion of the back of the frame for clearence, take out the sear, drill a hole in the pancake portion, and screw the plate to it) then attach the 4way to it, put some fittings in the body, hook up the lines, adjust the dwell on the tboard (only way it would work) then bam, you have a co2 friendly ep marker. right?

01-11-2007, 11:24 AM
Yes it will work perfectly fine, although you will need to run a lpr to the 4 way. the lpr should be operating around 80 psi.

CO2 can be used in any gun without a noid, you my get freezing at high rates of fire but usually doesn't damage anything, might loose a oring or two.

01-11-2007, 11:47 AM
yeah, hooking up the lpr to the 4way wouldn't be a problem. i think instead of using an alias noid when i build my bushmaster/em1 i'll use a cocker lpr and a cocker 4way with a tboard and spyder esp frame. that way i save a bit of money (60 dollar noid compared to cheap cocker parts) and i'll build something i doubt anyone has done before. the only gun that comes close to what i'm doing would be the wrath. but it uses a 3way noid since it's a fasor. building it this way would deffinetly make it less able to be damaged easily (blowing noids etc) and make it easier for me to use the gun since i only have 1 hpa tank, vs 3 20oz tanks. i think i twould be pretty cool and if i do it cleanly enough, it woudl really freak people out when i use an ep gun with co2 haha