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01-09-2007, 04:19 AM
I've used my Spider VS2 for 2 months, about 3 fields, less then 3 cases of paint because I'm fairly new at the sport. I had cleaned it good and then stuck it in my office for about a month and some change, oiled things up etc for the winter pretty much.

I recently got it out to show some friends, went out in the backyard to shoot a few rounds and now the Eyes dont work at all, wont shoot with the eyes on. When I turn them off they work fine.

I've since taken the eye panels off, cleaned the eyes very well (There was junk in there, I had never taken those panels off before). I was very carful, used a paper towel, make sure the wires were in the tracks and put the panels back on. Still no luck. I cant tell if they are on, functioning or miss aligned. I cant see any light even with the room completely black (Not even sure if I'm suppose to). It seems pretty easy to put them back in (I've taken it apart 3 times now, no problems with the process). I cant imagine them getting miss aligned.

Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions on fixing this issue or additional troubleshooting? THe wires are all plugged in correctly as much as I can tell, and it was working before I put it away for a month. I went and played indoor without the eyes and it did fine, but I'd hate to think they're fried and its only a couple months old. I've e-mailed Kingman Tech Support but they have not gotten back to me yet (Even if I need to send it in for warrenty work, which means I'd have to pay for more shipping! BAH!!). Any help would be great (Should I spray the eyes with something? Cleaner? I just used paper towel).

Under futher investigation I took the trigger frame off the gun, inspected the rest of the wires incase something got messed up, and between the trigger frame and the top of the gun, where the wires are out of the protective sheething and twisted it looks like the ones to the led got pinched a bit, the wires arent cut, and it only looks like its the protective yellow/wire that has a small cut, the wires in it look fine. IS there anyway I can test to see if the eyes still work? or if I need to re-do some of the wiring? This had to have come from the factory like this, because until just now I never took the handle off or messed with this part of the gun.

01-11-2007, 10:03 PM
Take the trigger frame off and remove the eyes from the body. Place them pointed at each other on a desk in front of you, and see if they work there. That'd be the best and easiest way from my experience. It removes a load of variables from the equation like eye alignment. You can also see if the emitter is sending a signal by using a digital camera and looking through that at it. It should show the infrared light.

There is a thread here (http://www.spyder.tv/forums/showthread.php?t=8457) that aparently captured some attention that yours didn't. Most of the same information I just gave, but who knows; you might just find something there that could help you.

Glad to see new members on this forum, even though they come with somber faces over broken markers. I hope your marker gets fixed shortly, and you're back to your normal enjoyment of it and the sport! :)

Spyder Ryder
01-12-2007, 06:11 PM
Im having a problem with my eyes too. I have recently cleaned them and took the eye panels off and carefully cleaned the eyes with cu-tips and as soon as i screwed everything on my eyes have not been working. It will shoot when nothing is between the eyes( not even the cocking bolt) and when something is in sight it wont fire. Are my wires messed up and if they are how much will it be to get a replacement if possible???

Hob Hayward
01-12-2007, 06:43 PM
Only theory I have there is that the eye wires got reversed on the board? ( You took out the wires from the board and put them back in the opposite direction, though I don't think the plugs allow you put them in wrong, its worth a look anyways)