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01-15-2006, 07:59 PM
I know I pretty much have a routine for a day of play or a tourney.

Normal tourney 3 hours drive each way
I wake up at 5 to Shanna making Coffee for me (Starbucks only) I drink about half the pot then make a quick pass through the shop to see if I forgot anything when packing the pickup the night before. I then grab my daypack off the table which the wife has generously packed full of food and water. I then drive to our local meeting place 10 minutes down the road to have a quick McDonald's breakfast. We talk a little strategy but mostly just make sure everyone is on the same page. Shanna generally gets mad at us for eating too much before playing. we then drive the rest of the way to the event, where I unpack out tables and setup our gear we then get together for our team meeting, do our pre-day pep talk which cannot be repeated here, then walk the field and draw it up etc... we then win and come home happy. :smirk:

that's the average day for me.

what is yours?

01-15-2006, 08:04 PM
My dad generally takes care of packing the trailer/car for the day of play the night before.
I pack my personal gear and everything, drive to whichever field we're playing at.
Everyone gets their gear together.
We split teams up and I get stuck with noobies and little kids.
I get stuck in a 6 on 1 situation, me being the 1.
I mow 4 people's faces before I run out of paint and air and have to leave the game.

That's my day normally.

01-15-2006, 08:04 PM
I normally wake up at 5/6 Depending if its local or out of town. Get my coffee and alil something to snack on while I pack my car and fill the icechest. If out of town than I pack my street clothes/normal stuff and make sure I didnt leave anything behind. Get to the field 2hrs early, setup and gearup. Do some light stretching or heavy if the team is all doing it. Go over rosters and lineups. Walk and draw the fields out, picking where each player is best suited. Than grabbing our guns and mowing faces! Finish and pack our stuff and go home happy :)

Sometimes stop to eat and discuss what happened or our next event.

01-15-2006, 08:15 PM
wouldnt this be in like the vet forum?? idk your the mod so i guess it can be here.
my routine for my last two tournys was:
1st day of tourny wake up at like 7 have breakfast grab my wallet and wait for a member of my team to pick me up. then we went to the field and analized the field and watched the novice and rookie tournys so we could get an idea of how teams were playing the field.this was really helpful seeing as we were in the beginner tourny and we now had a heads up on the feild layout.the later that day i got all my stuff together.
2nd day(tourny day) wake up at like 7 have my instent breakfast, waffle, and berry young juice, some antioxdent or somethin that my mom got. fix some stuff on my gun that i probly should have fixed the night before. then get picked up and go to the tourny, gun usually breaks then i use someone elses and mow faces, bunker 5 guys, and come in 1st:cool: . after spending around 100$ on paint.:mad:

01-15-2006, 08:30 PM
what are you talking about? it is in the vet section.

01-15-2006, 08:33 PM
what are you talking about? it is in the vet section.
hahahaha your so sneaky barron. i swear it was in the non pb topics.:p

01-16-2006, 04:44 AM
Recball locally-
Wake up with all my gear already ready to be put in my car the night before. All tank's have already been aired up. Breakfast is high in carbohydrates and protein usually rice or toast and milk something like that if not I'll go eat at waffle house I dunno whatever I'm in the mood for. Get to the field chrono in then start stretching which takes me forever. I usually try to run a lap or something to get my body flowing and warmed up. Then off to play.

Leave the night before and either hit Nashville, TN and stay down there then head to the tourney the next day or check into a hotel somewhere in the vicinity(most my tourney's are at least 6 hour's away but my next one in IL is only 4). If I stay in a hotel I alway's eat a cup of rice then go eat another breakfast! Wake up early same routine as rec do some talking with the teammates look over the field's etc. etc.


01-16-2006, 07:35 AM

wake up around 6 to my previously packed gear. i usually have food packed too, and a couple gatorades or flavored waters. then i fill up the giant water cooler with a freezerful of ice and fill the rest with water. we leave around 6:30, and get there at around 7, depending on how far away the field is. we are usually the first ones there, which is nice because you can get all your stuff set up before everyone else, and walk the field when they actually have everything blown up, and you dont have to rush at all. plus we dont have to wait in huge air lines in the morning. we usually spend about a half hour just walking around, talking strategy, then get to setting up. there is inevitably gun/gear problems, which we spend another half hour or so fixing. usually someone has working gear, and they are sent out to get food, and when they come back, we eat and talk strategy again. then all the other teams come, and start swarming the place. we usually walk the field when everybody else is setting up. after walking the field (usually when other teams start comming on) we get off and talk strategy again, and get pumped up before first game. then we usually play horribly and come home disapointed. on the way home, we ALWAYS stop at the burger king down the street, and order about 25 rodeo burgers (those things are scrumptiousness). then we drive the rest of the way home talking about how fun it was and/or how bad we sucked. then i take a shower and start cleaning the mountain of gear filled with dirt and paint.

a normal day of play is about the same.

01-16-2006, 07:44 AM
rec play:

generally have gear bag packed at night, wake up around 9am call my friends up ...eat a light breakfast...got to the field..(20 min drive)...wait an hour for my friends to arrive...they don't come yet...so i start playing with the other walk-ons...around noon my friends start showing up...and i'm almost out of paint...i let them buy more...then proceed to play again using their paint. LOL

01-16-2006, 08:14 AM
I pack all my stuff, but don't pack my jersey, end up buying on at the event, and then my captain hands me my jersey cuz it was all a joke and they had it the whole time...so I spent money on a jersey, that I could of spent trying to pick up the Doc's girls. :dodgy:

I don't play anymore, so that was the last routine I did.

01-16-2006, 08:17 AM
Pack some pods, maybe some tanks. Reach into my drawer, realize I dont have a marker and dont play anymore...thats when I usually stop. Usually get some food after that.

01-16-2006, 08:29 AM
Rec play (practice actually, cause we aren't allowed to play rec at our field unless other tournament players are there):

Wake up when I wake up (usually around 7:30'ish.) Eat some cereal. Don't have to pack gear because I usually have it already done. I get on the computer and mess around on KUSA, or one of the 6 other forums I look at. Then I watch some television, take a shower, then about 12:00, drink a meal replacement shake, spend about 15 minutes getting everything in the car and make sure I haven't forgotten anything, then head to the field which takes about 15 minutes. Get air, set up everything, answer a bazillion questions like "Is that an Angel?" (when they look at my shocker) or "Are you on a team?" or hear statements like "My dad could beat you" pointing at a hugely overweight old guy (older than me) breathing heavy from having to walk to the building from his car, carrying a VL Avenger with full camo and calling his loader and paint a "magazine and clip."

Then after those statements, I go to the chrono and rip on the shocker, and then answer the bazillion questions like "Are you shooting full auto?" or "Is that an Angel?" or statements like "My brother can shoot as fast as you..." pointing at a guy carrying a rental mech...

Then our team goes on the field to run drills and all the rec players walk away slowly...(my wife thinks that part is hilarious! They all kind of go silent, say things like "Sheesh!" or "Holy Crap," or "They have to be shooting full auto" or "must be nice to be rich!" Then they slink off to the woods or the chrono station and shoot a bag of paint at the fence...

For tournaments:

Tournaments are always at least 3 hours away one way, and I have two kids so we always go down the night before and stay in a hotel. If tournament allows, I buy paint the day before.

The day of the tournament, we all meet at some restaraunt to eat a small breakfast, get ourselves team oriented, then head to the field together (about 1.5 to 2 hours early) to walk, map and strategize. We set up as close as possible (for any last second run back for extra guns or tools, just in case!) to chrono stations or air stations. Make sure everything is working, and everyone is pottied and such. We get our paint if the tournament requires buying paint that day and then fill air. Then we have a team meeting to motivate ourselves. Go out, win some games, hopefully no lose any, then begin the LOOOONNNNGGGGG drive home in the dark (usually.)

When I get home:
Drop all my gear on the floor, throw the mask, pack, pads, swabs, barrels, barrel condoms, pods, etc in the dishwasher and the uniform and head gear in the wash machine. Take a shower. Check the forums to see what I missed (6 blessed pages on this forum alone this weekend!) then drop on the couch. If I'm not too tired, I clean my guns then. If I'm too tired, I leave em for Monday!

01-16-2006, 08:55 AM
Well since everyone else is posting their normal day of practice or rec here is mine...

I wake up around 10 grab some food, go out to the shop and fill my tanks and my pods, I then take the rigorous trip (by foot mind you) 2 minutes due south of my garage to fill the bunkers then meet up with everyone back in the house and then make the rigorous journey once again to the field. From there I rechrono and get ready to play run our drills, eat, play a few 1 vs 1 games, sometimes some night ball it all depends on who is there and what time they all want to play.