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12-29-2006, 02:51 PM
ok I've been trying to fix my pilot for awhile and i've tried everything to try to fix the stuttering. I've talked to 2 different technicians at Kingman and nothing they told me to do worked. i've brought it into my local shop and the technician there said it was probably just dry. So once again i lubed up everything that's supposed to be lubed, dropped some lube in the ASA, put on the CO2 and once again, still stuttering as much as ever. The technicians said I could just send the gun to the Kingman and they would take a look at it but im in Canada and they're in California. I'm very doubtful that they will be able to do anything because I've had 3 different professional opinion's and none worked. And if i do send it all the way to CA and they can't do anything then it's a complete waste of money. So my question:How much do you think I could sell a double firing Pilot ACS for?
Thanks and if anyone has any suggestions it's greatly appreciation.

NOTE: I'm not doing anything right away. I'm goin to talk to a tech at Kingman again and see if they will cover shipping costs and see if my local tech can do anything else.