View Full Version : fast grav feed

12-26-2006, 11:50 AM
well i was tuning my gun today, and i found out that it has quite a bit of suction (with my 9in rebel barrel, the ball would get sucked in instantly) and i wanted to see how well it actually worked, so i filled up my hopper and shot off about half of it, without skipping much, and no chops at all. i didn't use the rebel barrel though, i used a 12in OTP spyder barrel, which doesn't have as much suction, actually, the ball pops up a bit, then gets sucked in. anyways, it worked suprisingly well, unless i aim down a little. then it starts jamming every once in a while. I made a vid of it using 84 rounds (all i had left) and i forgot about the aiming down part, so it jammed a few times (but never chopped) the vid sucks, cause i used my lil sisters camera as a video camera, so it's all messed up when i'm talking. i set it down on the railing of our porch when i was shooting though. the last 3 shots are dry fires XP, i didn't realize my gun was so quiet hahaha