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12-22-2006, 10:38 AM
Thank you all for a very positive year, its been a pleasure to work/sell/ and get to know a great deal of you.

Sale ends Christmas day at 9pm pst ** we reserve the right to limit large dealer orders or refund them entirely

Paypal is: macrolineguy@hotmail.com PM me for money orders or use the cart at www.macrolineguy.com to check out

Macro Line

Some of the strongest Macro line you will find on Pbnation-
Colors currently available are



Rated at a tensile strength of 9425 psi and extremely flexible for those tight fits to your reg.

Specs are as follows:

Nylon 11-
Tubing .150" ID, 1/4" OD, .050" Wall
• Tensile Strength: 9425 psi
• Elongation: 360%
• Materials Meet: UL 94HB
(flame retardant), except
where noted

Pricing is very simple-

2 feet for a dollar

Paypal is: macrolineguy@hotmail.com PM me for money orders

Teflon Tape

Ensure a constant seal with no leaks at all for your macro fittings, pick up a roll today

1 dollar for 2 rolls

Ion Hoses

Total of 4 feet- Each kit includes 2 feet of the larger 4mm hose and 2 feet of the smaller 1/8" hose. Compare this to our competitors only offering the smaller hose, with no color options at all, no gurantee and no scruples.
3 dollars a kit


2 dollars per kit

High Capacity 9 volt batteries

Duracell Procell batteries are made for professional/industrial applications where high powered, long lasting batteries are required

1.50 dollar a battery

Paypal is: macrolineguy@hotmail.com PM me for money orders or check out at www.macrolineguy.com


Slick Honey

1 Ounce container- $2 dollars

Brand new promotion- buy any microfiber cloth and receive a free 1ft piece of macro in black or clear

Some of the best microfiber you will find out on pbnation with colors currently available in


2 dollars per cloth for a 16x12

Economy Microfiber

White microfiber cloths designed for the budget concious baller

5 cloths for 1 dollar a piece

O Ring Picks

Remove Orings without tearing, binding or ripping

1 dollar a piece

Ghetto Lightning Feed

A team of crack driven monkeys and I have been banging out Ghetto Lightning Feeds for your playing pleasure. Not as rigid, unflexible, or as big a PIA as traditional loading is. Half the price and twice the flexibility of other means of loading. Works on Suicide Shells, Halo, Halo B, Revies. will not work on a vlocity

Read our most recent review here (http://www.spyder.tv/forums/showthread.php?p=64923#post64923)

My Lightning feeds come with a lifetime gurantee and will positively not lose paint when sliding or diving
A quck video demonstrating how easy it is to fill and how paint will absolutely not fall out.[/SIZE]


Pics of the design and ease of installation


4 dollars shipped with 4 economy microfibers

** Lifetime warranty is based on failure of the unit due to normal wear and tear inside normal use. No external modifications, misuse, or general abuse is covered. To redeem on a warranty mail your old piece back with two dollars to cover shipping in a padded envelope.


Non negotiable $2 dollars for a padded envelope sent USPS Priority- I ship every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. If your order is a dollar or 30 dollars its still $2 bucks to ship, a great deal! You can combine any order from my two threads with this and still only pay two dollars for shipping.

Because of the nature of the amount of posts, pm's, total orders, a full work schedule with travel its impossible for me to confirm every single order- if you need direct communication please send me a pm.

Feedback is in my signature, posts are encouraged and work best but pm's accepted.


Dont be fooled by our competitors products, if my product fails on you, I will issue you a refund, and buy you a replacement product from my competitor...

Ask my competitors, are you shipping in a padded envelope, are you charging paypal fee's, do you have a full set of macro fittings for sale, and do you offer Hobby's refund policy?

Sale ends Christmas day at 9pm pst ** we reserve the right to limit large dealer orders or refund them entirely

12-23-2006, 10:26 AM
bump for the day

12-25-2006, 07:30 PM
Sale will conitnue through to new years day.

12-25-2006, 10:44 PM
Hobby... I love you and your sales.

12-26-2006, 04:29 AM
OK for those of you that are thinking about ordering from Hobby but have not yet, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?????

His product is top notch, fast delivery and gets you what you need!

I just got my package from him and as always everything is great!!!

Now onto a quick review.

I got a Black Macro fitting from Hobby and let me tell you it is perfect!!! No scratches and the anno is flawless. If you are looking to spice up your marker get a colored fitting from him... They are awesome.

12-27-2006, 03:05 PM
i ordered macro line, black straight and black 90 degree fittings from him last night. im also gonna order one of his lightning feeders within the next couple of days

12-27-2006, 06:46 PM
Appreciate the order- just finished printing the label and it goes in the mail tomorrow.

12-27-2006, 06:53 PM
thanks..........ive been thinking about getting the lightning feeder but have not made a definite decision yet? are they really as good as people say?

12-27-2006, 11:00 PM
YES! His lifetime guarantee on them is awesome, so even if they break on you, you can return them for $2 and get a new one. For this price... well, you just CAN'T beat it! I'd sugest getting one before this sale's up; they're only $6 shipped with 4 free economy microfibers.

12-29-2006, 02:22 PM
New years day marks the end of my sale... prices won't go this low again until Thanksgiving day next year.

12-30-2006, 12:51 PM
Hobby's products are the best hands down. You will not be disapointed with his service or his stuff. :up:

12-31-2006, 07:18 PM
ok so i bought one of those lightning feeds and i hope its good!

01-01-2007, 10:21 AM
Thanks for the purchase. Last day of the sale folks.