View Full Version : Bad Day for My Marker

darth massacre
12-12-2006, 01:13 PM
Well, I got my alamo city MR2 bolt today - yes black with 3 O rings.

So I happily set my marker on the table and broke out my tool pack to reconfigure the internals.

Removed everything and behold, my Empire Reloader has cracks at the battery compartment slide panel. I thought, shiiiiit did I drop this sucker? On closer inspection I thought it looked like the plastic had some manufacturing defects. I'll post pictures later tonight and would love opinions from you guys.

Ok, that's not as critical - I could always duct tape it. On to the new bolt.

I broke out my allen key set and started to pull out the ACS bolt. The allen screw on the bolt pin wouldn't budge. I thought maybe they put in the red loc tite - tried again - stripped my allen key. !$@#%^#W$. Pulled out another one, same thing.

ACS bolt 2, darth massacre 0.

No dice on that installation. Gave up, reassembled the marker and toss it into storage. I've got a couple of big projects due tomorrow - I'll look a it again on the weekend.

12-12-2006, 01:37 PM
Take some very hot water....put the bolt in hot water(just the part w/set screw)...leave in water for 15 sec. It'll come right loose. That's what I did to get mine loose.