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12-10-2006, 04:29 PM
Wow, am I exhausted. Today I've played my first game of paintball in more than 6 months. It was kinda a spontaneous thing. Yesturday, my friend told me he was going today to a private speedball field where his friends where going to play, and I was invited.

Well, anyways I got to the field, aired up and met some new friends. Two of them had 05 Electras, two had Ions, a few had mech spyders, and the like. I had the usual before game jitters, but was confident. The first game started, and I had felt a hit and had called myself out, but it was only a bounce. I couldn't see it, so I wasn't too mad at myself. The next game I had a chop, so I cleaned my marker out, and put it back together. When I would air up and put the trigger, it would burp and sputter. I couldn't figure out why though. One player had let me use his Imagine 05. I put my Electra Barrel on it, and went to town. I was set for the rest of the day.

For the next few games, I had bunkered, sneaked, and shot most oponents, and was really dominating. I lit up one player's left arm by accident, becuase the paint wouldn't always break, so I shot a few to make sure his was marked. The same player had hit the front right of my hopper, and I had played on. I couldn't see or feel it, so they understood. I felt terrible for playing on though, I don't want to be considered a cheater.

In one of the last games, I was trading paint with a guy who had an Ion (There was no discrimination against Spyders or Ions), and somehow, I had managed to get a shot in his crotch. He dubbed over in pain. I went over to him apologizing and telling him I never ment to hit him there, he told me I had better start to run. Well, I left the field and packed up my gear. The group of people there told me to stay, saying he was fine. I told them if I could shoot that accurately, I would have hit his mask. He eventually said it was alright, and we had a bit of a laugh about it. There wasn't any bad blood, and a good time was had by all. I'm going back next weekend, hopefully, I have just as much fun.

The refs were strict with the mask and barrel plug rule, and there was no cheating except the playing on I had done, which was of course an accident.
They all played honorably.

Oh yeah, I found out what the problem with my Electra. After cleaning it out, I had put the striker buffer in before the striker. Boy, did I feel dumb. :rolleyes: I'll definatly be using it next weekend after fixing it.

12-10-2006, 05:15 PM
Wow...that story brought back memories of years ago. Its weird to think of shooting someone and feeling bad for shooting them more than once. I can't imagine a day of play without lighting someone up, playing on or shooting someone in the genitals. :(